University of New England PA Program Prerequisites

university of new england pa program prerequisitesuniversity of new england pa program prerequisites



Are you aspiring to become a Physician Assistant (PA) and considering the University of New England (UNE) for your education? Congratulations on taking this significant step towards a rewarding career in healthcare! To help you on your journey, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the University of New England PA Program prerequisites and provide you with valuable insights to ensure a successful application process.

University of New England PA Program Prerequisites

To secure a spot in UNE’s esteemed PA Program, you must meet specific prerequisites that demonstrate your readiness for the rigorous training ahead. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the requirements:

Academic Excellence

The foundation of any successful PA program application is a strong academic background. UNE requires applicants to have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Your undergraduate education should encompass courses in biology, chemistry, and anatomy, providing you with a solid scientific foundation.

Prerequisite Courses

In addition to your bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to complete specific prerequisite courses. These typically include:

Biology with Lab

Chemistry with Lab

Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

Microbiology with Lab




These courses are crucial for building a fundamental understanding of the medical sciences and preparing you for the PA curriculum.

Healthcare Experience

To demonstrate your commitment to a career in healthcare, UNE requires applicants to have hands-on patient care experience. This can be achieved through roles such as medical assistants, EMTs, paramedics, or certified nursing assistants. A minimum of 1,000 hours of direct patient care experience is recommended.

Letters of Recommendation

Obtain strong letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your character, work ethic, and readiness for a PA program. Professors, healthcare supervisors, or healthcare professionals you’ve worked with can provide valuable insights.

GRE Scores

While UNE does not have a minimum GRE score requirement, submitting competitive scores can strengthen your application. Aim for scores above the 50th percentile in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing.

Personal Statement

Craft a compelling personal statement that highlights your passion for healthcare, your motivation to become a PA, and your unique qualities that make you an ideal candidate for UNE’s program.

Additional Resources

In your journey to meet the University of New England PA Program prerequisites, it’s essential to have access to valuable resources that can further aid your preparation and understanding of the program. Here are some recommended resources:

UNE’s Official Website

Start by exploring the official website of the University of New England. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information about the PA program, admission requirements, application deadlines, and contact details for any specific inquiries.

Academic Advisors

If you’re unsure about meeting the academic prerequisites, consider reaching out to academic advisors at your current institution or prospective universities. They can provide guidance on selecting the right courses and ensuring you’re on the right track.

Healthcare Experience Opportunities

To accumulate the required patient care hours, research local healthcare facilities, clinics, and volunteer opportunities in your area. Many hospitals offer volunteer programs or entry-level positions in healthcare that can help you gain the necessary experience.

GRE Test Prep

If you plan to take the GRE, invest in high-quality test preparation materials and practice tests. There are various online resources and test prep courses available to help you excel in this crucial component of your application.

Pre-PA Forums and Communities


Joining online forums and communities dedicated to aspiring Physician Assistants can be incredibly beneficial. You can connect with current PA students, ask questions, and gain insights into the application process from those who have been through it.

PA Program Workshops

Some universities and organizations offer workshops and informational sessions specifically designed for aspiring PA students. These events can provide valuable tips and networking opportunities.

PA Program Alumni

Reach out to alumni from UNE’s PA Program or other programs you’re considering. They can offer firsthand experiences and advice on preparing for the program and navigating the admissions process.

Final Thoughts

Meeting the University of New England PA Program prerequisites is the first step towards achieving your dream of becoming a Physician Assistant. Remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Embrace the learning process, seek guidance when needed, and stay committed to your goal. Your dedication and hard work will pay off as you embark on a fulfilling career in healthcare.


Getting into the University of New England PA Program requires careful preparation and a strong application. By meeting the prerequisites, gaining relevant experience, and presenting a compelling application, you can increase your chances of embarking on a successful journey towards becoming a Physician Assistant. Best of luck on your path to a rewarding healthcare career!


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