Madeleine McCann

The private investigator trying to solve the Madeleine McCann mystery plans to file a lawsuit against the doctor who allegedly prescribed a battery of drugs to the Polish woman claiming to be the missing toddler.

The explosive legal move was revealed during Julia Wendell’s first on-camera interview with her private investigator, Dr. Fia Johansson, who claims the sex abuse survivor was allegedly forced at the age of 7 to consume 35 pills daily after speaking out against her alleged abuser.

As reported by, Wendell, 21, suffers from debilitating bone aches and recurrent nose bleeds and is undergoing a series of medical tests in a desperate attempt to obtain a diagnosis.

However, Dr. Johansson asserts that Wendell’s illness is the result of a “poisoning” allegedly orchestrated after she began to complain about the alleged sexual abuse.

Dr. Johansson and Wendell have retained a Polish attorney after attempts to obtain her medical records from the psychiatrist who treated her for approximately three and a half years were rebuffed.

“We are also awaiting the results of the blood tests,” Dr. Johansson told Samanta Benitz of She began taking 35 pills at the age of seven, when she disclosed that she had been sexually abused.

She explained, “We still don’t know what side effects she experienced from the 35 pills, and we’re still trying to obtain the medical chart from the doctor who prescribed all the pills, but they’re not answering us and they’re not telling us what’s going on.”

“They are actually going to, regardless, because (there will be) a lawsuit…

We will proceed in a manner that leaves them with no choice. They must actually provide a response.”

Wendell became a global celebrity after claiming on a now-deactivated Instagram account titled @IAmMadeleineMcCann that she is the 3-year-old British girl abducted from a hotel room in Praia da Luz, Portugal, while her parents dined with friends nearby.

Wendell asserted that she had freckles on her leg and cheek and a coloboma in her right eye in the same locations as the missing Madeline.

She also stated that her grandmother had previously told her “something” about the McCann case, and she discovered a family photo of a pervert who allegedly molested her as a child that resembled the composite sketch of the suspect sought in the McCann case.

After ruffling feathers in her hometown of Wroclaw, Poland, Dr. Johansson rushed Wendell out of Poland to a safe house in Los Angeles. When the two individuals attempted to convince Wendell’s uncooperative family to submit to a paternity test, they obtained court documents pertaining to her alleged abuser and the majority of her medical records.

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