Court documents show the break that resulted in the arrest of two brothers in a cold case murder in Kokomo.

On February 7, 2013, Destiny Pittman, 21, was discovered shot to death on James Drive in Kokomo.

Joey McCartney, 32, was detained in Graham, Kentucky, by Kokomo Police Department agents and U.S. Marshals, while Jesse McCartney, 36, was detained in a Kokomo residence.

Both men are accused of murder and burglary, and Jesse McCartney is also accused of having cocaine and marijuana in his hands.

Court records state that on the day of the murder, there was a loud banging at the entrance of the house Pittman and two other people shared. Then, according to witnesses inside the house, the entrance was kicked in. Pittman was shot in the chest when she went outside to face the intruders.

According to court papers, the burglars allegedly searched the house in search of drugs that Pittman and another resident were allegedly selling.

For nearly a decade, according to investigators, there were no major leads in the case.

After that, a woman contacted the police in December 2022 and requested to talk with a detective. Police claim in court papers that she admitted to saying that she “thought we would have solved the case another way by now” to investigators.

After seeing press reports on the case over the years, the woman informed police she couldn’t keep this to herself any longer.

She admitted to detectives that she and Jesse McCartney traveled by car to Pittman’s house on the day of the murder. She claimed Jesse instructed her to remain in the vehicle before heading up to the home. The woman said she believed it was Joey who then ran up to the house and joined Jesse as they went inside.

Jesse McCartney (right), 36, of Kokomo, and Joey McCartney, 32, of Graham, Kentucky.

Jesse and Joey allegedly fled the home after hearing a loud bang, according to the woman. The woman says in court documents that Jesse had a bag of marijuana and some cash on him.

She claims that after driving back to Jesse’s place, Joey came along. The following day, Jesse allegedly forced her to drive back by the house, but police tape was in place.

The lady claimed in court records that six months later, Jesse sold his Jeep and gun.

The woman claimed that she held back telling what had occurred all these years because she “was scared and still is.”

Jesse had his initial hearing March 9 and entered a not guilty plea. The judge ordered him held with no bond and set a trial date for August. Joey’s initial hearing is set for March 10.

Anyone with additional information on the incident is asked to call the Kokomo Police Department at 765-456-7017.

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