Madeleine Mccann

The Polish woman who recently made headlines because she said she was the missing Madeleine McCann said that her doctor got a bombshell phone call from her mother.

Julia Wendell had been posting on social media about how she said she was the missing Leicestershire girl who went missing in Portugal. However, she recently deleted her Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram accounts, and they no longer exist.

To date, the bizarre case has brought about biometric analysis on photos of Julia and a DNA test being taken by her as well as statements from family members. Dr. Fia Johansson, a private investigator and self-proclaimed medium who has been operating as Julia’s spokesperson, was also interested in the case.

Since their first meeting, Julia has been featured in multiple Instagram posts by the private investigator. In their most recent post, an Instagram live video, Dr. Johansson made an unsubstantiated bombshell allegation regarding Julia’s mother.

During the 24-minute Instagram live with Dr. Johansson and Julia, the former discussed a variety of topics related to Julia’s claim, including how her Instagram account had been suspended, that the police had no open case regarding Julia’s claim, and the bombshell allegation that Julia’s mother had called her doctor.

In the video, Dr. Johansson says, “So today we had a meeting with an amazing doctor, and he said, ‘Julia, be cautious, because your mother had a conversation with me before you arrived and wanted me to say something you are not saying.'”

“When we asked him what she wanted him to say, he was somewhat reticent and replied, ‘Well, she is my patient, and I am bound by confidentiality; I would never speak to Julia’s mother without her written permission.'”

She continues by describing what the doctor told them: “‘If Julia is not going to give me written permission and the mother says that her daughter is crazy and all over the place and you have to stop her, then she has to go to court, come with a court order, and show proof that the daughter is incompetent, which she cannot do because Julia has been my patient for so many years.’

Dr. Johansson added, “Yesterday, we went to the hospital and had Julia’s entire medical history printed out, and we determined precisely what’s going on with her health, when these things began, when the depression began, when the other things began, and what was related.

“There was no evidence whatsoever regarding what the mother said to the press, which I doubted, or to police personnel, which I doubted one hundred and fifty percent, or to the fan page.

“However, we cannot determine if this fan page is explicitly collaborating with the mother to spread the lies. The only fact I have, however, is that the doctor stated that before we arrived, the mother attempted to call, communicate with, and persuade him to give the mother incorrect and fraudulent information.

“Because she mentioned ‘my daughters in danger and I need to stop her that’s what I want you to tell me and I want you to help give me the wrong and false statement. Then I can ask the police to somehow help me, not arrest directly, but to actually hospitalise my daughter.’”

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