Madeleine McCann

The young Polish woman who thinks she might be the missing British girl Madeleine McCann has gone public with her goal of finding out who she is.

Julia Wendell, who is 21 years old, went viral on social media last month when she said she was Maddie, a girl who went missing on a family trip to Portugal in 2007.

She pointed out similarities, such as an eye defect and other marks on the body, but her claims haven’t been proven yet because DNA tests are still being done.

Julia has now said that her ultimate goal is to help people who have “experienced trauma” like her.

“Even when I didn’t have much money, I bought food for people who needed it and helped a homeless person find a job,” she told RadarOnline. “I always try to help people.”

“But now I really think I can help. My goal is to help kids, teens, and adults who have been through bad things.”

Julia, who grew up in Wroclaw, Poland, thinks she could be Madeleine because she and the missing child have a lot in common.

She says that she looks like e-fits of the missing girl, who would be 19 years old now, and that her right eye has colombola, a rare condition that makes the pupil look funny, just like Madeleine’s.

Madeleine McCann

She also says she doesn’t remember much about her childhood, but she does remember “white buildings” and a beach like the ones at Praia da Luz, where Madeleine’s family was staying when she went missing.

“Before I was eight, I only have one memory of a beach and water, like the sea or ocean, where there were turtles and kids trying to catch them and hold them,” she said.

“And I remember buildings that were white or very light colours, and the sun shining on this building.”

In order to find out who she really is, she went to the US to work with a private investigator and self-proclaimed psychic named Dr. Fia Johansson. She also went on the American talk show Dr. Phil. Dr. Johansson told the well-known TV host that she thought Julia wasn’t lying about her mysterious past. She said this in front of viewers all over the US.

Madeleine McCann

“I tried different ways to ask her some questions. The psychologist said, “Every single answer came back the same.”

“When we make up stories, we usually change things in the middle, but this isn’t a true story, so we can’t do that.

“All of the stories she told about those memories, thoughts, images, and visions were the exact same. So, I don’t think she’s lying when she says she has memories or visions.

“I think she remembers things, and I think she’s trying to connect with those memories and figure out if it’s possible that she was there at that time.”

Julia is now waiting for the results of three DNA samples and a genetics test, which will help find out if she is the missing child or not.

Last week, Dr. Johansson said in a live video on Instagram that if Julia’s genetics test shows that she is British, they’ll compare her DNA sample to one from Madeleine McCann.

The private investigator said of the test results, “I can’t wait for them and check on them every day to see what’s going on.”

Last month, Julia’s family said it was “obvious” she wasn’t Madeleine and asked her to “stop.” In a statement that the Polish organisation for missing people, Missing Years Ago, put out on behalf of the family, they said: “The internet won’t forget, and Julia is clearly not Madeleine. We are heartbroken by what is happening now.”

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