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Corrina Smith, 59, was informed by her daughter that her 80-year-old husband, Michael Baines, sexually abused her and her brother as children. Smith murdered her sleeping husband by pouring boiling sugar water on him.

In July 2020, Corinna Smith, age 59, attacked Michael Baines, age 81, leaving him with 36 percent burns on his body and stating to a neighbour, “I believe I’ve murdered him.”

Smith was reportedly angry and upset the day prior to the attack because she thought a story about her spouse to be real.

According to the evidence given in court, Smith, also known as Corinna Baines, served as her husband’s carer.

The prosecution asserted that adding sugar to water made the liquid “more viscous, thicker, and stickier so that it would adhere to the skin and inflict greater injury, which it did.”

Friday at Chester Crown Court, Smith was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 12 years after being found guilty following a trial.

Corinna Smith, also known as Corinna Baines, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 12 years on Friday, July 9 at the Chester Crown Court.

Smith, of Highfield Road, Neston, had been convicted following a prior trial.

According to the jury, she combined three bags of sugar with boiling water, causing Michael Baines to get 36% burns to his body.

In the early hours of Tuesday, July 14, 2020, the 80-year-old was rushed to Whiston Hospital in severe condition. He was treated for his injuries, but despite the best efforts of medical experts, he passed away one month later on Tuesday, August 18th.

According to sources, Smith’s daughter notified her on July 13 of “devastating” allegations that her husband had engaged in “many years” of sexual assault against minors.

This includes an accusation of child sexual assault against Craig Baines, the sole child of Corinna Smith and Michael Baines, who sadly committed suicide in 2007 at the age of 25.

In her sentence remarks, the judge, the Honorable Mrs Justice Amanda Yip DBE, stated, “He had been troubled prior to his death and had been detained for a major assault.

“You and your family were unable to comprehend why Craig’s life took this turn. He told you that the man he attacked was a paedophile and that he had sexual contact with him.

“The day before Craig’s death, he was distressed and told his mother, ‘He’s a paedophile'”

“You assumed that he was speaking to the victim of his assault. The next day, Craig appeared happier, but you did not follow up on what he had stated.

Since then, you’ve been feeling guilty about this. You blamed yourself for Craig’s death despite having no justification to do so.

“Your trial was unable to investigate the authenticity of the claims made against your husband, nor did it do so. The prosecution admitted that you believed the claims that were presented. “The disclosures were unquestionably quite upsetting to you.”

The court heard that Smith’s mixing of the three bags of sugar with approximately two full kettles of boiling water would have taken around 13 minutes.

After pouring boiling sugar water on her husband of 38 years, Smith hurried to a neighbor’s house to explain what she had done.

According to defence attorney Mary Loram, by the time police came, she was “howling” with pain.

“While your past provides some explanation for why you did what you did, I am sure you are aware that it cannot serve as an excuse,” continued Justice Yip.

Whatever you imagined your spouse to have done, your actions are in no way justifiable. You took the life of Mr. Baines, causing his children and his loved ones considerable sorrow and shock. This is evident from his daughters’ and your son’s eloquent and respectful remarks.

“The murder of Mr. Baines eliminated any possibility that the claims could be tested.” Even though everyone is deemed innocent unless proven guilty, this deprived him of his right to a fair trial.

Without a doubt, this has caused Mr. Baines’ children unimaginable suffering. The allegations remain unverified and unresolved. This is an awful circumstance for the entire family. They are completely innocent and deserve our sincerest sympathy.”

The prosecutor, Mark Rhind, explained that a number of victim personal statements from family members had been presented to the court, detailing the suffering they had endured over the past year.

Sentencing, “I sentence you based on the fact that your goal was to inflict severe harm as opposed to murder,” stated Justice Yip. Additionally, this intent was developed at a period of distress.

This was not a well-planned strategy. You utilised materials that were already in your possession. I acknowledge that your initial response was to call the police and that your wish to harm your husband developed later, while you were at home and considering what you had been told.

“I condemn you to life in prison for the murder of Michael Baines, Corinna Smith.” The minimum penalty is 12 years, less 166 days spent on remand and 96 days credit for time served on a qualifying curfew.

“This is the minimum amount of time you will be forced to serve; there is no assurance that you will be freed at the end of your sentence or at any time thereafter.”

The Parole Board will determine whether or not you are eligible for parole.

“You must also understand that if and when you are released, you will be subject to a lifetime license and may be recalled and held again if you commit another offence.”

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