Cleo Rose Elliott

Cleo Rose Elliot is the only child of renowned American voice actor Sam Elliot and actress Katharine Ross. Cleo’s fame stemmed from her own talent, not the fame of her famous parents.

She also has a bad reputation because of how she treated Katharine, her mother. Cleo was accused of repeatedly attacking her mother with scissors.

Despite the fact that she was Sam and Katharine’s only child, she was not properly raised by them. Many of her admirers refer to her as a “spoiled youngster.” So, what exactly is it?

Was Cleo Rose Elliot truly spoiled, or did she intend to murder her mother? What made her stab her own mother? Let’s investigate everything below.

The Story Behind Cleo Stabbing her Mother?

Despite how horrifying it may sound for a daughter to attempt to knife her mother and vice versa, it happened with actress Katherine Ross. Her own daughter was accused of repeatedly stabbing her in various parts of her body.

Cleo and her mother have never had a close relationship since she was a child. Cleo began acting violently and abusively toward Katharine when she was a teenager, and her behavior only worsened as she grew older.

Katharine, on the other hand, used to keep their family matters private at the time. Everything became public when Cleo crossed the line.

The incident occurred in 2011, when Cleo, then 27, told her mother that she wanted to kill her. The singer became enraged and began kicking furniture and searching the house for her mother.

Cleo followed Katharine as she hurried to the phone to call the police, cutting the wire with the scissors she was holding.

In addition to this, the girl threatened her mother to poke her eyes out and stabbed her arm through her dress. There’s still a stabbing mark on Katharine’s arm.

Why did Cleo Stab her Mother?

The aforementioned incident is true and occurred. After hearing about the excessive brutality, many people assumed Cleo was under the influence and unaware of her actions during the assault.

Cleo’s motivation for going to such lengths remains unknown. As far as we know, she was not drunk at the time of the incident. Furthermore, Katharine has avoided publicly discussing her daughter’s actions.

What Happened to Katharine After She was Stabbed?

After being stabbed in the arm on March 2, 2011, Katharine filed a case against her daughter and requested a protective order. The court issued a severe protective order requiring Cleo to maintain a 100-yard buffer zone around Katharine at all times, whether she was in her home or car.

If she visits her parents, she must be accompanied by a police officer. The agreement also stated that Cleo would be unable to contact her mother in any way, including by phone. The restraining order, however, was revoked on March 30, 2011, because neither Elliott nor Ross appeared in court. Ross quickly stated that she and Cleo Rose Elliott were working on improving their relationship.

What is The Current Relationship Between Cleo Rose Elliott and Katharine?

Few press reports about Elliott have been published since she murdered her mother more than ten years ago, and she has all but vanished from public view. She has her own Instagram account.

Despite this, she has appeared on red carpets with her family, most notably in 2018, when her father received an Oscar nomination for his role in the film A Star Is Born.

The mother-daughter duo is frequently seen together at award shows and interviews. In a 2017 Sundance Film Festival interview, the American music icon was seen honoring her parents. She exclaimed how proud she was of her parents and how great performers they are.

Katharine hasn’t had any violent outbursts since that terrible incident in 2011. Perhaps things have improved between Cleo and Katharine.


Cleo Rose Elliott could have easily followed in the footsteps of her famous parents due to her celebrity contacts, attractive appearance, and great musical talent. However, at the age of 26, she used scissors to stab her mother in the arm in a fit of rage.

Ross sought a restraining order against Elliott as soon as her daughter’s actions threatened to split the close-knit family apart. However, the mother and daughter have appeared together on the red carpet at numerous Hollywood events over the years.

Although Cleo Rose Elliott was forgiven by Ross for the incident, the young singer and model’s once-promising music career never fully recovered.

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