What are the top 10 drones to buy

What are the top 10 drones to buy?


The drone industry has grown faster than ever, and every day brings new innovations and headlines. In fact, it’s hard to keep track of all the new models and what they offer. We’ve compiled our top picks for the best drones on the market today below!

DJI Spark

What are the top 10 drones to buy? is great discussion but the DJI Spark is the perfect drone for beginners and casual users. It’s easy to fly and can be controlled via your smartphone, which makes it perfect for those who want to get started in this exciting hobby but don’t want to invest too much money on equipment or time spent learning how to fly drones.

The camera on this drone is also great—it has an average resolution of 12 MP, which means you’ll have plenty of options when taking high-quality shots from above!

While there are other models available that offer longer flight times (upwards of 20 minutes), the Spark will happily stay aloft for about 15 minutes before running out its battery charge. This isn’t too bad if you’re just flying around aimlessly; however, if your plans include capturing aerial footage then we recommend investing in an extra battery pack so that you’re always ready when opportunity knocks!

DJI Mavic Air

The DJI Mavic Air is a small and portable drone that’s easy to fly. It has a 4K camera and can shoot 12MP stills, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take great photos or videos on their travels. It also has a range of 3.1 miles, which means you’ll never run out of space when flying your drone outside (it only weighs 1 pound).

The best part about this drone? It’s compatible with DJI Goggles—a pair of goggles that improve your sense of balance so you don’t fall off cliffs or into holes while taking flight with your new purchase!

Parrot Bebop 2

The Parrot Bebop 2 is a good drone for beginners, but it also has some features that make it stand out. It comes with a built-in camera and can be controlled with your smartphone, so you’ll be able to take amazing photos or videos from the sky.

The Parrot Bebop 2 has many other great features, including GPS navigation capabilities and an autopilot mode that allows you to control the drone without touching any controls at all! This makes it ideal for anyone who wants their first drone experience without having any prior knowledge of how they work or what kind of equipment they need.

There are some downsides though – this model costs more than other drones on this list (around $1,000) but if you’re looking for something that’s really easy to use then this may be worth considering!

Yuneec Breeze 4K

Yuneec Breeze 4K is a great drone for beginners. It has a camera that can capture 4K video, so you’ll be able to see your flight in high definition. The drone can fly up to 25 minutes on one charge, which is good considering how long it takes to charge the battery in the first place.

The controller comes with this drone and includes an HD live view feed from the main camera so you can see what your drone sees while flying (or while filming). You’ll also get obstacle avoidance technology that means your drone won’t run into any obstacles during its flight path—a feature that makes this one of our top picks for beginners!

This model also comes with some useful features like auto takeoff/landing capability, which means you don’t have too worry about manually starting up and landing after taking off from someone else’s property or sidewalk; meanwhile its range of up 1.2 miles means there should be plenty of room around where ever it lands safely onto solid ground again afterwards.”

GoPro Karma Drone

The GoPro Karma drone is one of the most popular drones on the market. It can be used for aerial photography and videography, but it’s also great for selfies and group shots. You get a built-in camera that lets you take stunning images from above or below your subject (or both). This makes it ideal for those who want to capture their adventures in 360 degrees, or even just parts of them; all without having to worry about carrying around extra equipment.

The GoPro Karma connects wirelessly with your smartphone app so that you can control its movements from afar—no physical controls required! You’ll be able to review what you’ve shot before sharing it online through Facebook Live or YouTube Live Channels

3DR Solo Quadcopter

The 3DR Solo Quadcopter is a drone that can be controlled with a smartphone, and it has a built-in camera. It can fly for 25 minutes on a single charge, and it can fly up to 1000 feet away from the user.

The best part about this drone is its ability to take pictures or videos without having to worry about having enough battery power left over for those tasks.

Holy Stone HS100 Navigator

The Holy Stone HS100 Navigator is one of the most popular drones on the market. It’s a quadcopter with camera that can be controlled via smartphone, making it easy to fly indoors or outdoors in any conditions. The remote control allows you to take photos and videos while flying, so you won’t have to worry about missing any important moments when recording them!

The drone comes equipped with an HD camera and has five flight modes: beginner, basic, advanced, expert and expert+ that let you adjust its speed depending on what kind of experience level you want from this device. This model also features wind resistance technology which helps protect against sudden gusts of wind when flying indoors or outdoors at high altitudes (upwards of 50ft).

Hubsan H501S X4

  • Hubsan H501S X4
  • Quadcopter
  • HD Camera

The Hubsan H501S X4 is a quadcopter that’s easy to fly and provides good flight time. It has a long flight time, so you won’t have to worry about getting back in the air after taking off. It also has an excellent camera with HD quality, so you can capture all your adventures in high definition.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

  • The DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is an impressive drone that can shoot 4k video at 60fps and 1080p video at 120fps. It also captures 12MP still images and a 5,350mAh battery that lasts up to 30 minutes in flight mode (the original version had a battery life of 18 minutes). The new model features a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which is twice as large as the one on its predecessor and enables sharper images than most other drones in this price range.
  • You’ll need to be careful when flying with this drone because it has a range of 3 miles; if you want more distance or want to get away from people who might be watching your flight path, consider getting something else instead!


The DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone is a great drone for beginners, intermediate and experts alike. It’s not the most powerful drone on this list but it does offer the most features for its price range.

The camera features 360-degree panoramic view, allowing you to capture stunning aerial shots in any direction. You can also use your phone as a screen during flight, which makes it easy to monitor objects while filming or taking photos without having to take off your goggles (which are included). This means that you’ll never miss something important again!

The remote control has pre-programmed controls so that you can start flying right away without having any experience at all with flying drones before hand; however if this isn’t enough then there’s also an option where users can program their own commands into their device after purchasing additional accessories such as add-ons like GPS modules etcetera..

Drones are a hot commodity and can come in all shapes and sizes, from toy drones to professional-grade ones that cost thousands of dollars

Drones are a hot commodity and can come in all shapes and sizes, from toy drones to professional-grade ones that cost thousands of dollars. If you’re new to the world of drones, it’s important to know what kind of drone you need before buying one.

In this article I’ll go over 10 best drone models on the market today so that you can get started on your journey towards owning your own flying machine!


So which drone is best for you? The world of drones is growing at an exponential rate, so there’s no shortage of options. We’ve only covered the big ones here—but if you want more information on how to find your perfect purchase, check out our full list here!

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