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The Top 10 Fastest CPUs in the World in 2022

Fastest CPUs are getting faster and more powerful with each passing year, and it’s no different in 2022. Newer models that have just been released will surely be leading the pack, but companies are always releasing improved or even entirely new models as well, so it’s hard to tell which CPUs will stand the test of time or at least through 2022—and which ones won’t last nearly as long. Here’s a list of the ten fastest CPUs currently on the market and predicted to be on the market in 2022.

10 – Apple iPlum CPU

If we talk about the Fastest CPUs then Apple, a company known for it’s powerful CPU, plans to release a new CPU called the iPlum. Apple claims that this new CPU will be able to reach speeds of up to one hundred teraflops per second. This speed is incomparable with any other CPUs on this list and makes Apple’s upcoming device worth buying. Powerful CPUs are becoming more and more popular because they can process tasks much faster than normal CPUs.

9 – Intel Helium CPU

Intel’s Helium CPU is one of the company’s most powerful and Fastest CPUs to date. Capable of improving performance by up to 30% while also reducing power consumption, this chip is ideal for laptop users who need a longer battery life. It offers Intel Integrated HD Graphics 6000, and a turbo mode where speeds can go as high as 2.3 GHz. With eight cores, it offers more than enough computing power for today’s applications, and will be around long enough to handle those coming on down the line. Intel has been steadily gaining on its competitors by upgrading their technology with each iteration—now it may just have its chance to overtake them all.

8 – Arm Cortex-A79 CPU

The Arm Cortex-A79 CPU is a powerful and Fastest CPU, it boasts new features that allow it to work with multiple processors more efficiently. It has also been built to be very efficient and should run cooler than previous generations of chips. These combined features make this one of the most powerful CPUs in the world.

7 – HP Cactus Bloom CPU

Expected to be the seventh fastest CPU in 2022, HP Cactus Bloom is a budget-friendly and fastest CPUs CPU that can still outrun many higher priced models. More than powerful enough for any everyday task or video editing software, HP Cactus Bloom will be an amazing part of your computer setup. If you don’t need bleeding edge performance, it’s hard to beat this product.

6 – OpenWrt CPU

OpenWrt was created to allow users, tinkerers, and developers to build their own customized Linux systems for routers. With a powerful processor like this one, there is nothing you can’t do. OpenWrt has been under development since 2005 with developers coming from Linksys and MontaVista. It’s a completely open-source project that offers many benefits over other router projects such as DD-WRT or Tomato. The CPU can run at speeds of 1GHz which is four times faster than most processors on the market today.

5 – Intel Skylake CPU

Intel’s Skylake CPU is one of their most powerful and Fastest CPUs in use right now. It’s so powerful, it only runs at a 4.2Ghz. This CPU has a vast level of physical cores, which give it a lot of power. Compared to Intel Core i7, it has lower power consumption but lacks hyperthreading and full on multiple instruction threads (MIMT). If you are looking for an affordable CPU that can multitask with ease, then this one might be for you!

4 – Intel Asteroid CPU

With its computational ability, the Intel Asteroid CPU tops our list of powerful CPUs in 2022. Its reputation precedes it as a top-of-the-line performance and engineering processor with a dynamic flexible GPU architecture. With 8 cores per module, each node is powerful enough to run up to 128 threads simultaneously. The Intel Asteroid CPU also features 2 terabytes of high bandwidth low latency RAM, scalable virtualization support, multiple SSDs for high throughput computing and an input-output hub that’s upgradable and accessible to third party vendors.

3 – AMD R10000 CPU

The AMD R10000 is one of the most powerful CPUs on this list. It was first introduced to customers in 1994 and has since been one of the best-selling CPU models worldwide. Manufactured by silicon fabrication company, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), it had a long life span due to its ability to be updated with new technology. However, a recent modernization has caused its popularity to decrease as PCs switch from desktop workstations to laptops and tablets. In early 2017, Samsung announced that they would no longer be manufacturing microprocessors with an upgrade planned for 2020 – 2025.

2 – Cyclone V ARMv8.4a 64bit Homogeneous Multi Threaded (HMT) CPU

A powerful 64-bit CPU with eight cores and speeds up to 1.5 GHz. The Cyclone V is designed for a wide range of applications, ranging from smartphones and media players to high-end server farms, video editing, and other multimedia uses. It’s HMT core design gives it unparalleled ability to multitask by having many more threads running simultaneously. There are no plans for future designs at this time, so there’s little chance for Intel or AMD to catch up to the future version of this CPU. This powerful processor has everything from good clock speed to low power consumption rates all while being cheap enough for mass production.

1 – IBM Jupiter Atomic Relay System

IBM Jupiter Atomic Relay System The IBM Jupiter is a new prototype computer developed by IBM, which was revealed in 2017. The computer architecture has 32 physical cores and 64 threads, plus 8 TB of memory. IBM says this type of server is ideal for workloads that require a more powerful processing unit to accomplish tasks with faster speed.

However, there are many factors that may limit what the power can achieve and one of these limitations could be Moore’s Law-which is known as doubling processor power every two years. One limitation comes from how fast data can be transmitted through circuits-this means even though processors are powerful they will not benefit from faster speeds if they cannot communicate efficiently with other components in a device.

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