Lori Zimmerman

Lori Zimmerman from Hagerstown, Maryland, was just 15-years-old when she disappeared on the 6th of April, 1984. Since her parents divorce, Lori spent most of her time with her mother. They had just moved to their new home. In fact, Lori had only slept there one night before vanishing. On that fateful day, Lori got into a taxi to deliver her to South Hagerstown High School. When she didn’t return that evening, her concerned mother reported her missing.


Lori Zimmerman was a girl from Hagerstown, Maryland, who was killed in her own home. After the police had nothing to go on, they called in psychic Dorothy Allison to see what she thought about the murder, even though they didn’t even know Lori’s name. Dorothy wrote down some clues about the case, and then she and a detective named Keith Wattenschaidt talked about them. Dorothy said that a caretaker at Lori’s school should be a suspect in this case. Dorothy said that the suspect was suicidal and that the numbers “71” or “17” were connected. She also said that the suspect wore glasses and sometimes a wig, had a beard but recently shaved it off, and could be a police officer in disguise.

Dorothy went to Hagerstown, where she met Keith. Right after that, she told Keith that she thought Chuck Bernstein had killed Lori.

Dorothy found out that Lori was 15 years old and had been missing since April 6, 1984, when she left her aunt’s house. Twelve miles away, in the forest, her half-naked body was found eight days later. She had been hit and choked, and there was something stuck in her throat. Dorothy thought that Lori met up with two friends at a library. She had the name of a possible suspect, but Unsolved Mysteries had to cut it out because the investigation was still going on. After Dorothy left the airport, she saw a picture of Lori being raped and said she saw Lori get hit in the head and then die from suffocation, which is exactly what happened. Dorothy knew that the killer put something in Lori’s throat and choked her, which the police did not tell the public. Dorothy said that Lori was walking down a street when the killer picked her up in an old yellow car.

By the end of the day, Dorothy had found a lot of clues about the case, but some of them didn’t seem to be related to each other, and others seemed to lead in the wrong direction. For example, the janitor clue probably didn’t pertain to the suspect, but instead Lori’s stepfather’s job. The detective on the case wore a hairpiece and had just shaved off his beard a few days before. Also, Chuck Bernstein is not a suspect, but he might know something about the crime. But some of the clues, like the numbers 1 and 7, seemed to be related to the case. Lori was buried in plot 17, and Dorothy said the name “Cleveland,” which is one street away from where the crime happened. Dorothy also said that there was a church a half mile away from where Lori’s body was found. Dorothy felt a strong feeling at the crime scene that she had felt throughout the whole investigation. Dorothy also heard the suspect’s name at the crime scene, which was censored. She thought Lori didn’t want to do what the killer wanted, so he hit her on the head and then killed her. She also thought that the suspect had killed Lori. But when detectives looked up the name, they couldn’t find anyone with that name.

Lori’s murder remains unsolved.

Dorothy says that the killer might have known Lori, had suicidal thoughts, wore a mask, and drove an old yellow car. Dorothy named a suspect behind closed doors, but the name was cut out. She thought that this suspect had killed the person.

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