Patrick Chapman

Patrick Chapman, who is 34 years old, was last seen on May 10, 2020, in Mill Spring, Missouri. He went missing after he left a family friend’s house early in the morning.

Early Life

On February 24, 1986, Patrick Norman Chapman was born.

Chapman got a divorce from his wife of six years, Jen Newbury, in 2011, but they stayed friends. His ex-wife and son live in St. Charles, Missouri, which is where they grew up.

Chapman lived in St. Charles, Missouri, and worked as a tow truck driver when he went missing. He and his friends would often go camping or “couch surf.”

Disappearance of Patrick Chapman

Patrick Chapman sent a text message to his ex-wife on May 10, 2020, that said “Happy Mother’s Day.” He said he needed to use his son’s laptop because someone had taken money out of his account and he couldn’t get to it on his phone.

Later that morning, Chapman went to her house in St. Charles, Missouri, but they got into a fight when his ex-wife thought he was saying their son had stolen the money. After that, Chapman left, supposedly upset and confused.

Chapman planned to spend the night at the home of a family friend in Mill Spring, Missouri, which was about three hours away. He got there around 10 p.m.

His friend got up at 4 a.m. on May 11, 2020, to go to work, but Patrick was nowhere to be found.

Since then, no one has seen or heard from Patrick Chapman.

On May 29, 2020, his Burgundy 1995 Ford Escort Wagon was found abandoned on a four-wheeler path in a wooded area of Mark Twain National Forest near Mill Spring Cemetery.

When Patrick Chapman didn’t show up on May 30, 2020, a family friend reported him missing to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigation of Case

Patrick Chapman’s car was found less than two miles from where he was last seen in Mill Spring, in a rural area of the county with no cell service. There was a lot of damage to the bumper, and all four tyres were flat.

Inside the car, the police found his wallet with his ID, prescriptions, and bank cards. However, his car keys and cell phone were missing. His family says that there were no fingerprints on the car and no money in his wallet.

After Patrick went missing, many searches were done, but no clues about where he was were found.

His family doesn’t think he would have left on his own, saying that he would never leave his son.


Patrick Chapman went missing, but the police couldn’t find any signs, means, or reasons to think that someone was behind it. There is a $3,000 reward for information that leads to the discovery of Patrick Chapman.

Patrick Chapman went missing, but no one knows why. His case is still listed as “missing” at this time. His case hasn’t been solved yet.


Physical Description:
A male of white race who was born on February 24th, 1986 Patrick has brown hair, brown eyes, and a height of 5 feet 6 inches. He weighs 160 pounds and has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Distinctive Physical Features:
Patrick has a number of tattoos, some of which include his name, “Chapman,” which is located on his right forearm, a circular saw blade or a picture of the sun which is located between his shoulder blades, and a cross which is located on his shoulder blade.

Clothing and accessories:
Patrick was probably last seen wearing a pullover shirt with a black-and-white woven pattern, blue work pants, and black work boots. He was decked out in a pair of shades and a necklace that featured a wise old tree.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Patrick Norman Chapman please contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department (573) 224-3219.

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