Ana Walshe

Ana Walshe, who is 39 years old, was last seen on January 1, 2023, in Cohasset, Massachusetts. She didn’t come back after she left her house early on New Year’s Day.

Background of Ana

Ana Walshe lived with her husband Brian Walshe and their three young sons in a house on 500 Chief Justice Cushing Highway in Cohasset, Massachusetts, when she went missing.

Walshe worked at Tishman Speyer, a commercial real estate company in Washington, D.C., as an executive and regional general manager during the week. She owns a townhouse and a car there.

Walshe’s voice sounds like it came from Eastern Europe. She also speaks French, English, Spanish, and Siberian.

Disappearance of Ana

Ana Walshe was last seen at her home in Cohasset, Massachusetts, early in the morning of January 1, 2023.

A family member said that Walshe left around 4 a.m. to take a rideshare car to Logan Airport in Boston to catch a flight to Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.

Ana Walshe didn’t get on her flight that day, and no one has ever heard from her again.

When Ana didn’t show up on January 4, 2023, her husband reported her missing to the Cohasset Police Department.

Investigation of Case

Authorities think that Ana Walshe was sent to work in Washington DC because one of the properties she manages had an emergency. She was supposed to fly to Washington, DC on January 3, but authorities think that a work emergency made her leave earlier.

The airlines told the police that Walshe did not get on a plane the morning she went missing. However, they have not been able to find out if she ever took a rideshare to Logan Airport.

On January 7, 2023, search and rescue teams, K-9 units, and units from the State Police Air Wing looked for Ana in the woods near her home, but they didn’t find any signs of her.

The police also looked through her townhouse in Washington, DC, but they didn’t find any signs of Ana there. Her car was still there when she left.

Since Ana went missing on January 1, nothing has been done with her phone, credit cards, bank accounts, or social media accounts.


Ana Walshe went missing, but the police couldn’t find any proof, means, or reasons to think she was hurt. Right now, the investigation is still going on.

Ana Walshe has been missing for a long time, and it is still not clear why or how she went missing. Her case remains unsolved.


Ana Walshe

Physical Description:
A brown-haired, brown-eyed white woman. Ana is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 115 pounds.

Distinctive Physical Features:
No information available.

Clothing and accessories:
No information available.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Ana Walshe please contact the Cohasset Police Department at (781) 383-1055.

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