Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans

In 1974, two nursing students in Australia, Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans, decided to take a break from work and school to travel around their country. Lorraine’s car broke down in the middle of their trip, and the repair shop told them it would take more than a week to fix it. Even though they were scared, they decided to hitchhike to Brisbane to visit Lorraine’s sister for a week. As time went on, Lorraine started to worry that her car wouldn’t be fixed in time for her and her friend to go back to work on October 10, 1974.

Lorraine and Wendy couldn’t wait any longer for Lorraine’s car to be fixed, so on October 6, they started walking home, hoping to hitchhike. They never got there. On October 12, 1974, Lorraine’s aunt reported them missing, but it took almost 40 years to find out what really happened to these women. Even though at least a dozen witnesses saw the crime and more than 10 men took part in the brutal rapes of the women, the men who did it were able to get away with murder because people were afraid and the police made mistakes.

The Night of Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans Abduction

On October 6, 1974, a local youth camp called Ian Hamilton and his partner, who was also a police officer. Near the camp, the caretakers said they heard a woman, later identified as 20-year-old Lorraine Wilson, screaming for at least 20 minutes. They couldn’t figure out where the sounds were coming from, which was a shame. No one knew how bad things were for Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans at the time.

The two officers drove straight to the camp, which was near Toowoomba Range Road in Queensland, Australia.

After getting the call, the two officers got to the camp quickly. The caretakers and police walked about 80 metres up the range, away from the camp.

At first, neither officer was able to hear anything. But after walking for a few minutes, they both heard the screams. Officer Hamilton said the sounds were “the most terrifying and horrible screams” he had ever heard. He used the phrase “blood-curdling” to describe them. They didn’t know that Lorraine Wilson miraculously got away from her captors. Because of the wind, the screams didn’t sound like they were coming from the same place.

After 40 minutes of looking, the two police officers went back to their patrol car. Instead, they chose to drive around the area. As they drove, they shined lights outside the car to try to find the woman who was screaming. By midnight, they had completely given up and started walking back to the station. When they got back to the station, they told the next patrol shift about the screams.

Reported Missing

In the days that followed, no one went missing, and the terrifying screams of women were almost forgotten. Six days later, Lorraine’s aunt told the police that both Lorraine and her 18-year-old friend Wendy Evans were missing.

What Happened to Lorraine Wilson & Wendy Evans?

Two years after Lorraine and Wendy went missing for the first time, their bones were found in Murphys Creek. The world didn’t find out what happened to Lorraine and Wendy until almost forty years later. In a gang-bang, a “putrid pool of crooks” beat them up badly. 

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