Katherine Korzilius

On August 7, 1996, Katherine Korzilius, who was six years old, and her mother, Nancy Korzilius, who lived in Austin, Texas, drove home after buying a gift for their father. Before turning into their neighborhood’s cul-de-sac, Nancy stopped the car. Knowing that Katherine was a responsible and smart girl, she let her out of the car to get their mail from the mailboxes and walk the short distance home. At the same time, Nancy drove her car a long way home.

Katherine didn’t return home

Katherine didn’t go back to her home. Frantic, Nancy, and Katherine’s brother went out to look for her on the short way home, but they didn’t find her. Rather, Katherine’s body was found along the long way home, a long way from the mailboxes where she was going. Katherine couldn’t be brought back to life at the hospital, so she was said to be dead.


Nancy is considered a suspect to some. The story goes that Katherine secretly hung on to her mother’s car while she drove the long way home. The medical examiner’s conclusion is consistent with being thrown from a vehicle, as evidenced by the injuries sustained to the shoulder. Private investigator countered that there were innumerable reasons why this was impossible.

Because of the intense August heat in Austin, it was highly unlikely that Katherine would be able to keep her grip on the vehicle. To add insult to injury, Katherine broke the thumb on her dominant hand. Finally, Katherine couldn’t find a secure grip anywhere on the miniature car.

Abduction is the alternative leading theory. K-9 units tracked her scent from the mailboxes to a vacant lot before losing the scent. In Nancy’s mind, an unidentified kidnapper picked up Katherine in the empty lot, drove her past the Korzilius house, and dumped her off where she was found by Nancy. Nancy remarked to the producers of Unsolved Mysteries that Katherine was lying on the ground in such a neat fashion, as if they took pleasure in discovering her. There’s no telling why Katherine was dumped so soon after her abductor picked her up.

Katherine Korzilius’ father memorialised his daughter’s tragic death in the song “August 7, 4:15.”

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