Revelle Balmain

On November 5, 1994, 22-year-old Revelle Balmain went missing in Kingsford, one of the eastern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales. She was working as a dancer and model at the time. Her career in dancing and modelling was thriving, and she was planning a six-week dance tour in Japan. This was accomplished while she was a member of a dancing ensemble.

Her love life with her new partner, Piers Fisher-Pollard, was also flourishing. At the time of her disappearance, they had been dating for roughly six weeks after meeting through a common acquaintance.

Revelle supplemented her income by moonlighting as an expensive escort. In her capacity as an escort, she used the identities Rachel, Monique, and Misha. Select Companions network was the name of her employer, which was owned by Jane and Zoran Stanovech.

Her work with the escort agency was meant to be a secret at the time. Her boyfriend Piers would not discover the truth until after she had vanished. She was also reluctant to discuss her escort profession with close relatives such as her sister.

Revelle was working her last shift as an escort on November 5, 1994. The escort agency’s driver dropped her off at a Kingsford home at 4:00 p.m. She came there to meet Gavin Owen Samer, who was 26 years old at the time.

Revelle would phone her friend Kate Brentnell after the appointment and suggest they meet for drinks at 7:15PM. She never made it to this meeting, though.

In addition, she failed to return home that evening, prompting her boyfriend Pier to report her missing.

The following morning, she failed to appear at a train station where she was supposed to meet her mother Jan, prompting Jan to also contact the police. Revelle had planned to spend the weekend with her mother in Newcastle.

On Monday, November 7th, police would launch an inquiry. Several of her possessions were located strewn throughout the neighbourhood. They discovered one shoe on one street and another in another. Other found items were her makeup, diary, credit cards, and apartment keys.

The police also interviewed Revelle’s client Gavin Samer. He stated that he had driven her to the Red Tomato Inn, a nearby tavern, at approximately 7:00 p.m. the night before. Additionally, he said that they had consumed cider and champagne during their stay.

The pub has no record of either of them making a purchase that evening, according to an investigation. Samer would say that he had paid for this with a check, but was unable to provide the chequebook, alleging that it had been lost.

After Samer encountered Revelle, his girlfriend reported to the coroner that she observed scratches on his chest and a bite mark on his middle finger. Unusually, he had cleaned out his vehicle and laundered and hung up their bed covers.

There were some concerns that Samer had not been sufficiently probed. Even though he is the last person known to have seen Revelle alive, the police did not request to search his home or car, nor did they appear to inquire about his attire.

This was revealed during a 1999 coroner’s investigation into Revelle Balmain’s death. The coroner in this case determined that her disappearance was most likely the consequence of a homicide and forwarded the investigation to the Homicide Unit of the New South Wales Police.

Samer has consistently denied involvement in Revelle’s death rumours. Following the 1999 investigation, he moved to Tasmania. He would not return until 2018. In 2018, upon his return to New South Wales, he pleaded guilty to theft charges filed by his sister, and the following year, he was convicted of harassing and beating an elderly woman for whom he had been providing care. The assault conviction included a $1,500 fine and one year of community correction.

Although he was only convicted of attacking Ms. Rosenburg, he had a history of violence and intimidation towards her during his employment with her. During his employment with her, he allegedly threatened to slit her throat and had unwanted sexual contact with her. Additionally, he had caused an explosion in her flat.

Samer has always been regarded the leading suspect in the murder of Revelle. A lack of evidence has prevented the filing of charges against him. While he has typically been reluctant to discuss the issue publicly, he has been known to depict his notoriety in relation to the case as a police and media harassment campaign.

Additionally, officers interviewed the owners of the escort agency where Revelle worked. There were no charges filed against them.

The police were also required to inform Pier that Revelle had been employed as an escort. This came as a surprise to him because he was previously unaware of it. In addition, he viewed the police’s attitude about this matter to be abhorrent, believing that their tone implied that they thought less of her because of it.

While inquiries into Samer have been fruitless, investigations into other suspected suspects have also been fruitless. Zoran Stanojevic, the owner of the escort agency for whom Revelle worked, supplied contradicting information to the police during the first investigation and the coroner’s inquest in 1999, for instance. Eventually, though, most other suspicions would be eliminated, leaving Samer as the sole surviving suspect.

In 2008, new forensic evidence was discovered in the case. In 1994, Samer resided in a home that utilised these then-revolutionary methods. I have been unable to determine the nature of this forensic evidence, therefore it is likely that it is not yet public knowledge.

By the end of 1994, the New South Wales police were offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Revelle’s murderer. This figure would be increased to $250,000 in the future. In this year’s May, the award would be upped to $1,000,000 once more.

This increased incentive increase is part of a larger reopening of the case. Police Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett adds that some of the existing DNA evidence will be reexamined with new forensic procedures that were not accessible at the time of Revelle’s disappearance.

Despite the fact that Bennett is allegedly positive about the fresh probe, there is still a chance that someone has new information. Please contact the NSW Police if you believe you may have fresh information that could aid in solving the case.

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