Rebecca Reusch

Rebecca Reusch’s disappearance remains unsolved more than three years after she disappeared without a trace. Despite the fact that the investigation has been fairly straightforward, Rebecca’s family remains hopeful that she will return one day.

Who Is Rebecca Reusch?

On September 21, 2003, Rebecca “Becci” Reusch was born. She lived in Berlin, Germany, with her parents.

Little is known about her life, despite the fact that she was a typical 15-year-old teen in 2019.

After graduating from high school, she hoped to work as a stewardess or model.

Any dreams she had were interrupted when she abruptly vanished. Her case is still a mystery that has shocked the entire country.

Rebecca Reusch

Vanished without a trace

Rebecca spent the evening and night of February 17, 2019, at her older sister’s home in Berlin’s Britz district.

Jessica, her husband Florian, and their two-year-old daughter lived there.

She made the decision to leave for school the next day. She slept on the couch in the living room for the night.

What happened the next morning is hazy, though data helps to fill in the gaps.

Jessica had already left the house early in the morning to take her daughter to nursery school before going to work.

Florian stayed at home the entire time. He got home from a party early in the morning. He later stated that he went to sleep after returning home.

Data show, however, that he was online at the time he claimed to sleep. Rebecca’s phone also logged into the house’s wifi one last time before 8 a.m., according to the data.

She was supposed to go to school that morning, but she never showed up. Brigitte, Rebecca’s mother, received no response to any phone calls or text messages she sent to her daughter.

When she called Florian to inquire about Rebecca’s whereabouts that morning, he informed her that she had already left.

All of her personal belongings were gone, including her phone, wallet, handbag and backpack, and an instant-photo camera.

A purple-colored blanket that went missing from the sister’s home is another detail.

Rebecca’s parents became so concerned in the afternoon that they reported her missing to police.

Numerous Searches

Rebecca Reusch

Police conducted extensive searches in all conceivable locations in an effort to find Rebecca.

However, despite thousands of tips and investigations that went as far as Poland, nothing ever worked.

The conclusion would be that Rebecca’s tracks weren’t really that far away, but rather much closer to home.

The Main Suspect

Florian, Rebecca’s brother-in-law, was the case’s top suspect from the start.

In fact, he was detained twice in relation to Rebecca’s disappearance, but both times he was quickly released.

Any claims that Florian might have injured Rebecca are refuted. His support is shared by her family, who have never shown any animosity toward him.

However, there are discrepancies between his alibi and the events that followed.

He claimed to have been asleep when Rebecca vanished, but internet data and text messages paint a different picture.

The only plausible explanation, according to investigators, is that Rebecca never again left her sister’s house alive, despite the fact that there are no traces.

Additionally, it was discovered that on the morning of February 18 and the late evening of February 19, Florian drove his Renault Twingo east toward Poland.

He never explained the purpose of his travels. But according to Rebecca’s father Bernd, “the whole thing is connected to something else that I am not allowed to talk about.”

There is no proof to support the rumours that Florian was involved in the Polish drug trade.

In an interview with Bild, prosecutor Martin Steltner stated that “we continue to investigate [the brother-in-law].”

Different Clue

There was a theory at first that Rebecca left the house alive and went missing along the road.

A relative claimed to have seen Rebecca at a bus stop on the day of her disappearance. “That was Rebecca,” she said confidently.

This theory is linked to Rebecca’s internet friendship with a boy her age named Max. Further investigation revealed that he was not the perpetrator of her disappearance.

So there’s another possible explanation that doesn’t help the situation.

Even though there is no corpse, investigators have been convinced that Rebecca is no longer alive.

Rebecca’s family remains hopeful that their daughter and sister will return home.

In an interview, her other sister, Vivien, stated, “Since the fifth day after her disappearance […] it was expected that she was probably dead.” I’m not sure what you mean. I can barely breathe and my heart stops every time.”

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