Amber Lee Cruickshank

The mother of a toddler who went missing near Queenstown more than 30 years ago is begging people to come forward with information. Amber-Lee Rose Cruickshank was last seen at a house on Cornwall Street in Kingston on October 17, 1992. The two-year-old girl went missing while she and her family were staying at the property and getting to know each other. On May 5, this year, she would have turned 31. On Tuesday, police said there would be a $100,000 reward for information or evidence that would help find and convict the people who took her.

Disappearance of Amber Lee Cruickshank 

Nicky Cruickshank, Amber’s mother, says that the disappearance of her daughter 29 years ago is still as clear in her mind as it was then. On Tuesday, she filed an appeal. She begs, “Please give us the answers we’re looking for. I beg you from the bottom of my heart.” On Tuesday, when police said there would be a big reward for information, her hopes were raised. Detective Inspector Stu Harvey of the Southern District Police said, “There is a reward of $100,000 for any relevant information or evidence that leads to the identification and conviction of a suspect in the disappearance of Amber-Lee Cruickshank.” At first, the police thought she had drowned in Lake Wakatipu, but a thorough search turned up nothing.


Det. Insp. Harvey says, “The investigation we’ve done so far points to foul play in Lee’s Amber’s abduction.” By “foul play,” he means that someone was involved in her disappearance from Kingston that day. Cruickshank says that they had asked the police to pay a reward for information in the past. “I knew in my heart that she couldn’t be in that lake by accident. Someone had to have put her there.” The last time police offered an incentive like this, it led to a break in Angela Blackmoore’s cold case, which had been going on for 24 years. Police would also think about not prosecuting anyone who helped with Amber Lee’s disappearance but wasn’t directly involved if that person could give important information or evidence.


She continues, “$100,000 is a lot of money, and sometimes a lot of money can make people talk.” Starting on April 13, the prize will be good for six months. “She should go back home. We are due to closure. What else can be said? Have some compassion, ” Cruickshank says that. “It must have been a very heavy load to carry for so long. Because my family and I have been through a lot of ups and downs in life.” There was a reward of $100,000 for information or proof that helped find and convict those responsible for Amber’s disappearance.

There is No Lead About Amber Lee Cruickshank’s Missing Case

Detective Inspector Stu Harvey says that over the years, police have done many investigations and “put in a lot of work” to look into different possible scenarios and investigation leads, but have found nothing. Cruickshank was thankful for the reward and hoped that someone would come forward. “It would make it possible for us to get on with our lives.” She said, “We wouldn’t have to live in this nightmare.” “We have to stop.” We just can’t let go of it. We need to figure out what to do. No matter who is to blame, we have to get Amber-Lee back home. All I want is for Amber-Lee to come home.” If there are more than one claimant, the Police Commissioner will figure out how much the reward is and, if necessary, split the money between them.

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