When we read and write these words, we mentally prepare to read or write about a brutal crime, but in today’s blog, I am going to tell you about a case whose brutality cannot be described in words. The criminals were not human, but beasts. They murdered a mentally disabled woman in such a heinous manner that everyone trembled. Without further ado, here are the specifics of this murder.

Jennifer Daugherty

Jennifer Dughterty, born November 8, 1979, is an American actress. Denise Murghy’s daughter remembered her: “Jennifer was a laid-back person who enjoyed herself. She had faith. She quickly became a friend. She enjoyed singing and dancing.” Jennifer had the mental capacity of a 12- to 14-year-old girl. Until February of 2010, she led a normal life. She recently informed her family that she had made new friends in Greensburg, about 10 miles from her hometown of Mount Pleasant. She met people at a community center. The on the 10th February, she went to Greensburg. She had planned staying over there at a friend’s apartment. She had to meet a doctor on next day.

The Crime 

Jennifer went to Peggy Darlene Miller’s apartment. Jennifer’s other so-called friends were present. They had another plan for Jennifer. Angela Marinucci, Jennifer’s friend, was upset because Jennifer befriended her boyfriend. She began to beat her. The other five members of the group joined her, and the violence began. This group of six people included the following individuals:

Robert Loren Masters, Jr., 36 years old

Ricky Smyrnes (age 23)

20-year-old Melvin Knight

27-year-old Peggy Darlene Miller

Amber Meidinger (age 20)

Angela Marinucci is 17 years old.

Their torment and abuse session lasted 36 hours. They bound her and made her drink oil, urine, and nail vernish.

She was beaten with a towel rack and a vacuum cleaner hose after being bound with Christmas lights.

Then a member shaved her head and her face was painted with a nail polish.

Jennifer was raped by Knight. The group also forced her to write a fake suicide note.

Jennifer was stabbed in the hearts and lungs. Then, they slit her wrist with a knife. They stabbed around her neck and finally she died.


Jennifer’s body was discovered in a garbage can in a school parking lot on February 11, 2010.

Following an investigation, police discovered that Jennifer was murdered by a group of her friends.

Six members of the group pleaded guilty to murder. Knight and Smyrnes were sentenced to death, while others received life sentences in prison.

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