On May 8th, 1999, the bodies of Chasity Candice “Candis” Kyser and David Allen Keller were found in their mobile home in the Branching Pines Mobile Home Park at 911 Highway 165 in Ft. Mitchell, Alabama.

This coming May will mark 19 years since the brutal murder of a young couple who were dearly loved by many. Two days before she was murdered, Candis turned nineteen. David was about to turn 20 when he tragically passed away.

It happened just a few weeks after he was killed. These two were young parents who loved each other. Young David had a lot to do. He worked really hard to become a plumber. Candis was a great mom and did a great job keeping the house clean. She had just started studying for her G.E.D.

They were killed in their home at Branching Pines Trailer Park in Ft. Mitchell, AL. They had a 2-year-old daughter with them at the time. While her parents were dead on the ground, she was left alone for almost 16 hours. One can only imagine how terrible things were for this sweet little girl until her grandmother ran through a window and found her. Candis’s mother was worried when they didn’t show up at her house when they were supposed to. When she went to their house and no one answered, she looked through the windows and saw the baby standing there. She then climbed through the window and saw that Candis and David had been killed.

Please help us bring their killer or murderers to justice. The family of Candice and Keller wants peace and closure. I understand someone out there remembers something.

What if it was your kid or someone you cared about? Please help the family by telling this story and this piece of information. If you remember anything, please call the police in your area. The Governor of Alabama has offered a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and charging of the person or people found to be responsible. Candis Kyser’s uncle has agreed to match the reward offered by the Governor, bringing the TOTAL REWARD to $10,000.

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