Revenge By Father

SPD arrests murder suspect after the body is discovered in the trunk of the vehicle

On 10-22-21, SPD patrol officers responded to the area of 1800 E. Everett where they discovered an abandoned car that was emitting a foul smell.

Several people who spoke with SPD patrol officers suggested they believed a dead person’s body was in the trunk; SPD officers confirmed there were human remains in the car.

Investigators from the Spokane Major Crimes Unit (MCU) put in a lot of effort to crack the complicated case. A 19-year-old male victim was identified, and on 10/29/21, John Eisenman, 60, was accused of first-degree murder. The situation is summarized in the sentences that follow:

Eisenman discovered in October 2020 that his young daughter had allegedly been sold to a sex-trafficking ring in the Seattle area. Eisenman learned that the deceased, the boyfriend of his daughter, may have been the one who sold her. In October 2020, Eisenman was able to save his daughter and return her to the Spokane region.

Eisenman discovered that the boyfriend of his daughter would be visiting a location in Airway Heights, Washington, in November 2020. Eisenman awaited the victim’s arrival and approached the 19-year-old as soon as he showed up. Eisenman took the victim hostage during that encounter, tied him up, and put him in the car’s trunk. The victim was then attacked by Eisenman, who repeatedly hurt him until he died by hitting him in the head with a cinder block.

Eisenman left the body inside the car after the murder and drove it to a remote spot in North Spokane County. The car stayed there until someone else moved it in October 2021 and drove it to Spokane. It is not currently believed that the third party was aware that the body was in the trunk. The car was left at the Everett location with the body still inside the trunk. People were rifling through the vehicle while it was parked on Everett and stealing items when they made the horrifying discovery.

Eisenman was taken into custody by law enforcement without incident.

Current information is that the homicide took place in Airway Heights. Airway Heights Police have assisted SPD in the inquiry and will continue to be involved as the case progresses.

Before this scene, Eisenman had no recent criminal history, nor any violent criminal history. He was booked into Spokane County Jail for murder 1st degree.

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