Jeffery Hall

The Nazi Party, also known as the National Socialist Movement, had a regional leader in Riverside, California named Jeffrey Russell Hall. Hall was a plumber. His 10-year-old son Joseph Hall shot him to death on May 1, 2011, while he slept on his couch.

About Jeffery Hall

The 21st of November 1998 saw the birth of Jeffrey Hall. He had two children, Joseph and Shirley, with Leticia Neal, his wife. They eventually got divorced. In 2003, the Couple lost custody of the kids. While Hall was serving a probationary sentence for driving while intoxicated, social workers deemed Leticia Neal’s home unfit for raising children. As a result, his two children were temporarily given to their grandmother.

Jeffery Hall with his 6 months daughter a few days before his death.

In 2004, Jeffery Hall regained full custody of his children. His next marriage was to Krista McCary, with whom he had three more daughters. Due to the economic downturn in the construction industry, Hall had a three-year search for work. As a result of his belief that Jews and non-whites were to blame for the shrinking job market, he rose to become a local leader in the Neo-Nazi movement.

About Joseph Hall

Joseph Hall, the first child of Jeffery Hall and Letica Neal, was reportedly violent from a young age, even before his father joined the National Socialist Movement, and was born on June 19, 2000. Joseph hit his sisters and stepmother with his hands, stabbed classmates in the back with pencils, and once tried to strangle a teacher with a phone cord.

Joseph Hall

According to his grandmother, Joseph was a troubled and hostile child. He had been expelled from several schools before for assaulting students and teachers. She said he didn’t understand the concept of cause and effect. Joseph had average intelligence and ADHD in addition to having developmental disabilities.

He and his sister were homeschooled by Mr. Hall and his stepmother, Krista McCary, under the supervision of River Springs Charter School after he had been expelled from six different schools as a result of violent behavior. Additionally, Jeffery Hall outperformed Joseph over a long period of time.

The Death of Jeffery Hall

Joseph Hall was being taught how to use night vision equipment and shoot a gun by Jeffery Hall when the tragic incident occurred.

On May 1, 2011, Jeffery Hall returned from one of his drinking sessions and collapsed onto his couch. According to the prosecution, Joseph took his father’s Rossi.357 magnum revolver from his parent’s bedroom and pointed it at Jeff Hall’s head while he was unconscious on the couch after a fight with his wife.

Joseph admitted to shooting the man but told police he didn’t think he would be charged because he had seen a Criminal Minds episode where a young boy killed his abusive father but wasn’t arrested.

Joseph claims that his father threatened to turn off all of the smoke detectors and set the house on fire while the family was sleeping the day before the shooting. Joseph admitted that he had grown tired of his father hitting both him and his mother.

His 26-year-old stepmother Krista further stated that Hall had been violent toward both her and the boy, errantly kicking him in the back on occasion. He would discipline his children in varying degrees every day. The house was filthy, had clothes all over the floor, and had a strong urine odor, according to the police report. They had a lot of weapons at their disposal.


After being detained, Joseph Hall was accused of killing his father. Joseph’s defense attorney argued that his actions were caused by his developmental disabilities and conditioning to violence as a result of growing up in a violent home.

Joseph Hall was convicted of second-degree murder in November 2013. He was given a ten-year prison term by Judge Leonard, and when he is released, he will be 23 years old.

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