Leanne Beth Goodall

Leanne Beth Goodall, 20, was a beautiful art student who worked part-time as a waitress at Ambassador Nightclub, known locally as “The Bass,” in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, in 1978.

Pictures of Leanne show a young woman who is bright, happy, and full of life. Beth Leen, her mother, said her daughter was like a bird. “She came and went like a bird. She loved people, but she always kept in touch,” Leen told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2001.

After having four boys, Leen had her first daughter, Leanne. After Leanne, Leen had a daughter named Pamela.

Leanne gave her mother her last kiss on Boxing Day, December 26, 1978. After four days, she went away and was never seen again.

During the Christmas break, Leanne and her mother went to Sydney to see family, and she planned to ring in the New Year with friends in the city. But Leanne changed her plans at the last minute and didn’t tell her mom.

Instead, Leanne went to Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley, about two hours north of Sydney, to stay with her brother Warren. On Saturday, December 30, 1978, Warren drove her to the Muswellbrook train station and watched as she got on a train going to Newcastle at 1 p.m. In 1998, the Sydney Morning Herald said that she told him she planned to spend the night at their mother’s house in Belmont and then go to Sydney to celebrate the New Year and stay for a few weeks. Belmont is a part of the city of Newcastle.

Leanne’s old high school classmate later told the police that she saw Leanne carrying a big bag outside the Star Hotel that night. It is the last time Leanne was seen for sure.

Leen didn’t notice her daughter was gone for two weeks because she thought Leanne was in Sydney with friends. Warren went to see Leen and asked where his sister was staying. Leen told him that Leanne had never gone home. Concerned, Leen called her daughter’s friends in Sydney, but they told her that her daughter had never shown up. Then, Leen went to the Newcastle Police Station to report that her daughter was missing, which was a waste of time.

When Leanne went missing, the police didn’t think it was a big deal and told Leen, “She’ll be back.” She didn’t do it.

A few months later, Robyn Hickie, who was 18 and from Belmont North, went missing after meeting a friend at the Belmont Hotel. On April 7, 1979, at dusk, she was last seen in front of her Pacific Highway home.

Amanda Robinson, who was 14 years old, went missing just after midnight on April 21, 1979, about two weeks after Hickie. Robinson was last seen coming home from a school dance in Gatehead. He was on Lake Road in Swansea. An article from 1998 said that it was George Street and that she was only three doors away from her house when she went missing.

Amanda Zolis, who was 16 and from Hamilton, disappeared on her way to a Christian coffee shop in Newcastle on October 12, 1979. Doe Network says that Zolis called her father from New South Wales at 10:15 p.m. and said she wanted to go to Queensland but didn’t have any clothes. She never got home to Hamilton, and no one has seen her since.

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