Lars Mittank

Background of Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank, a German tourist who was 28 years old, went missing in July 2014, under mysterious circumstances. He was on vacation in Varna, Bulgaria, with a group of friends when he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Friends say that Mittank got into a fight with a group of local men on July 6 outside of a nightclub. During the fight, Mittank’s eardrum burst. Doctors told him not to fly because it could hurt his ear even more, so he stayed behind while his friends went back to Germany.

Even though his friends wanted to stay with him, Mittank insisted that he could stay in Bulgaria on his own and asked them to stick to their original plan and leave for Germany on July 7.

After Mittank and his friends checked out of the resort at the same time, he spent one night at the cheap Hotel Color Varna, which was close to the airport. But the day after his friends left, he started acting crazy. He called his mother, Sandra Mittank, and whispered that people were trying to hurt him and that she should cancel his credit cards. The hotel’s surveillance cameras caught him walking up and down the halls, looking out the windows, and hiding in an elevator.

He left the hotel at 1 a.m. and came back an hour later, but no one knows what he did in between. The next morning, Mittank called his mother again and said that the people who were after him were getting closer.

Mittank was last seen on July 8, 2014, at the Varna Airport, where he had planned to catch a flight back to Germany. He went to see Dr. Kosta Kostov, the doctor at the airport. Kostov said that Mittank’s behavior was “nervous and erratic,” and he told Mittank that he was fine to travel. However, Mittank doubted his medication and didn’t want to leave the office.

When a construction worker walked into Mittank’s office, he started shaking and yelled that he didn’t want to die there. He ran away from the office and left everything behind, like his wallet, phone, and passport. Mittank was seen running away from the airport terminal, climbing a fence, and running as fast as he could toward a nearby forest near Bulgarian National Highway A2. These are the last times he was seen for sure.

Even though Mittank’s family hired private investigators and the Bulgarian government to look for him, he has never been found.

Theories & Speculations

Lars Mittank went missing under mysterious circumstances that have led to a lot of theories and guesses, but no clear answer has been found. Some of the most widely held ideas are:

  • Foul play: Many people think that Mittank was treated unfairly, possibly by the men he fought with outside the nightclub. Others think that someone else might have taken him or killed him.
  • Psychological breakdown: Mittank’s strange and paranoid behavior in the days before he went missing has led some to think he had a mental breakdown. He may have been having a mental health crisis and thought he was in danger, which is what made him run away or hid.
  • Accidental death: Some people think that Mittank may have fallen or hurt himself in the airport parking lot, but his body was never found. But authorities and private investigators have looked everywhere and found little evidence to support this theory.
  • Voluntary disappearance: Some people think Mittank might have left on his own, maybe to start a new life or get away from problems in his own life. But there is no proof to back up this theory.

Media Coverage

Lars Mittank’s disappearance has captivated the world, with media outlets and amateur sleuths alike examining the details of the case. The release of CCTV footage depicting Mittank running through the airport has sparked widespread speculation regarding his fate.

Numerous podcasts, documentaries, and news articles have been produced regarding the case, and social media groups devoted to locating Mittank remain active. Despite the intense public interest in the case, no new leads have emerged.

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