Vasile Gorgos

Vasile Gorgos, a 63-year-old Romanian who sold cattle and lived in the country, disappeared without a trace 31 years ago.

Because of what he did for a living, the man who lived in the country often went to different cities in Romania to sell his cattle, but he was always back home in a few days.

Mr. Gorgos decided in 1991 that it was time for him to go on another business trip. As usual, he bought a train ticket and told his wife and kids that he’ll be back in a few days.

His family didn’t see him again after that.

The man’s family told the police about his disappearance, but nothing came of it. Eventually, they thought he had been killed, so they held a memorial service for him.

In August 2021, Vasile, who is now 93 years old, is dropped off at the Gorgos’ house on a Sunday evening by a car.

Unfortunately, the few neighbours who saw what happened were too shocked to remember the licence plate number of the car or what the driver looked like. Also, it’s important to note that Mr. Gorgos was the only one who got out of the car. The driver never left the car.

Strangely, the man was wearing the same pants he was wearing when he went missing, and his family found his ID card and the train ticket he bought 30 years ago in his pockets.

Everyone who knew Mr. Gorgos noticed that he looked great. He was clean, well-groomed, and healthy, which means that he had been well cared for all these years.

The only problems he seems to be having are with his brain. More specifically, Mr. Gorgos remembers his family (although some articles say he doesn’t remember them either), but he has no idea where he has been for the past 30 years.

When reporters and his family asked him where he had been all these years, he said, “I was home.”

What do you think happened?

I read everything I could find in Romanian news about this story to try to figure out what happened. It’s hard to come up with a conclusion or a good explanation, even after a few hours of research.

Did Vasile choose to leave? He might have just wanted to start over. Did he have a mistress, but was he always willing to go back to his “old” life? Or did he have something shady going on and leave to protect his family?

The most strange and scary part of this story is that he was wearing the same clothes. Even his train ticket was still in his pocket. That lets us come up with some pretty crazy ideas. Did “they” take him away to do some tests on him? How come? Or did Vasile step through a doorway into a different world, and 31 years went by in a flash for him? He must have thought he was always at home, right?

What do you think happened to Vasile Gorgos?

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