Stella Farrugia

18 year old Stella Farrugia disappeared from Henley Beach, South Australia, in October 1984, leaving behind her beloved dog and personal belongings. Her live-in boyfriend is one of two persons of interest in her case. However, he died in 2010.

Stella Mary Farrugia grew up in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia. Her parents, Michael and Rose Farrugia, came to Australia from Malta in the 1950s. Stella was their youngest child. Her parents were very traditional and strict because they were from Malta. This made Stella disagree with them.

Stella moved to Cairns, Queensland, with her older sister Christine at the end of 1983.

Stella and her boyfriend moved to South Australia the next year. They rented an apartment at 307 Seaview Road in Henley Beach, a suburb of Adelaide on the coast.

The couple broke up, and Stella, who was 18, moved in with her new boyfriend, Wojciech Kubale, at 284 Seaview Rd.

Around this time, Stella sent Christine a letter telling her that she needed to talk to her by a certain date. Stella said that if Christine didn’t answer, she would cut ties with her. Stella never answered Christine’s letter, though, because she sent it too late.

When Kubale got home on October 17, 1984, Stella was no longer there. He told the police the next day that Stella had left her dog, bank books, and other things behind when she ran away.

At first, the police weren’t worried because they thought Stella might have left town on her own after reports of violence in both of Stella’s relationships. Stella, on the other hand, never told the police anything, so they didn’t have much to go on.

Stella’s school friend said she saw her in Casuarina, Western Australia, in 1989. She even talked to the woman she thought was the missing teen. But when investigators found the woman and talked to her, they found out she wasn’t Stella.

Detectives asked Kubale and Stella’s ex-boyfriend a lot of questions, and both of them are still being looked at as possible suspects in her disappearance. However, Kubale died in 2010 at 47 years old.

In 2008, the police talked to convicted murderer Valmae Beck, 64, about Stella’s disappearance and the 1983 kidnapping of Louise Bell, 10, from her home in Hackham West. The Farrugia family begged Beck to tell them anything she might know about what happened to Stella.

Beck was in a medically induced coma at the time because his heart surgery had gone wrong. She died more than a week after Stella. She never talked about Stella.

Beck and her husband, Barrie Watts, were given life sentences for the abduction, rape, and torture-murder of Sian Kingi, a 12-year-old schoolgirl from Noosa, in 1987. Police think that Beck and Watts were also responsible for other girls and women in Australia going missing or being killed.

Dieter Pfennig was caught by police in 2013 for killing Louise Bell. He was already in prison for killing a 10-year-old boy in 1989, and in 2016 he got another 35 years for killing Louise. The police never found the body of Louise.

In 2019, the police said that for the first five years after Stella went missing, her family got a number of strange phone calls from someone who wouldn’t say anything and then hung up. Rose Farrugia believed it might have been her missing daughter. Christine, Stella’s sister, was not so sure.

“I answered the phone a few times, and there were also a few hang-ups,” she said.

“If Stella was looking for me, she would have answered if she knew my voice.”

Anne Roberts
Anne Roberts

Anne Roberts, who was 20, was raped and killed in her apartment on Emerson Road in Black Forest, 13 km from Henley Beach, five years before Stella went missing.

Anne worked at a bank and lived by herself. She was friendly and outgoing.

Anne and her friend Jenny went to Adelaide’s disco owned by Jules on September 15, 1979. At 2 a.m. on September 16, Jenny took Anne to her apartment door.

After that, someone broke into Anne’s apartment, probably by taking off a window screen, hit her with a brick, and either sexually assaulted her before or after hitting her; the police don’t know.

Investigators got DNA from the crime scene, but they couldn’t test it for a few years.

Police think that the killer lived in or near Anne’s apartment. In 1979, there were several people of interest who lived in that area.

In 2015, Major Crime Detective Brevent-Sergent Bob Sharpe said that pieces of evidence had been sent for advanced DNA testing, and he hoped that the murder of Anne would finally be solved. This case is still unsolved.

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