Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson made a 911 call when she went missing

Officials in East Texas discovered remains that were positively identified as Lauren Thompson, who went missing in January 2019. During a news conference on Wednesday, December 14, Panola County Sheriff Cutter Clinton confirmed the skeletal remains were Thompson’s.

Thompson, 32, called 911 on January 10, 2019, saying she was in a wooded area and thought someone was chasing her, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Authorities stated that she appeared disoriented and confused. Deputies were able to determine the location of the call by using cell phone tower pings. Thompson’s car was later discovered in a ditch by police.

Lauren Thompson had three children, according to The Panola Watchman. According to the Watchman, the area where she went missing was “heavily flooded” and mostly unsearchable at the time of her disappearance.

Lauren Thompson

There were no leads discovered until the sheriff’s office received a report on July 27 detailing how remains were discovered by a work crew. The location has not been released. Clinton stated that investigators have been working with Texas Rangers and forensic anthropologists to identify the remains since July.

Clinton stated that multiple dental comparisons were used to make a positive identification.

“Our office will be diligent on pursuing all relevant investigative leads,” Clinton said, adding how the investigation will now change from a missing person case to a death investigation. “Please keep the family of Lauren in your prayers.”

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