Sherry Milton

On August 14, 2005, Sherry Milton, age 26, was last seen in Ensley, Alabama. She vanished at an Exxon petrol station in Birmingham’s Ensley area and has not been seen or heard from since.

Background of Sherry Milton

On May 5, 1979, Sherry Milton was born. In 1995, she married Michael Milton, and they soon had a son. They got a divorce on good terms in 2003.

Sherry moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, six months before she went missing. There, she worked as an office manager at A&B Electric. At the time she went missing, she was dating David Burt.

Her family says she loved her son very much and would never leave him.

Details of Disappearance

On August 14, 2005, around 2:00 a.m., Sherry Milton and a friend stopped at an Exxon gas station near Ensley, Alabama. The station was near Exit 121 of Interstate 20/59.

They had been hanging out in the Birmingham area that night, and on their way home, they stopped at a gas station to get matches.

Sherry’s friend says that when she went inside to make the purchase, both Sherry and her car were gone when she came back outside. Sherry’s friend called her on her cell phone, and Sherry told her she’d be back soon. But Sherry called back after 30 minutes and said she was lost.

Between 2:00 and 2:30 am, Sherry tried to call her boyfriend, David Burt, ten times, but he was asleep. She left several messages on his cell phone, and the last one said, “Please help me.” Where do you live? “I can’t believe it!”

About 30 minutes later, she called a friend in Montgomery on her cell phone to say she was lost. This was the last time anyone heard from her. Since then, no one has seen or heard from Sherry.

On August 15, her ex-husband called the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office to say that she was missing.

Investigation of Case

The things Sherry’s friend said were not true, according to witnesses from the Exxon gas station. They say that Sherry and her friend had a fight at the gas station, and the friend wouldn’t get back in Sherry’s car because of that. The friend then called her husband and asked him to come get her.

Sherry’s car, a 1994 canary-yellow Ford Mustang with a white convertible top and the license plate number 63P631B, was found at 9 p.m. on August 15, the day after she went missing. It was near 41st Street and Industrial Boulevard in Midfield, Alabama, about five miles southwest of Ensley. Sherry could not be found anywhere.

Authorities have named a few “persons of interest” in the case of Sherry’s disappearance, but none of them have been officially named as suspects. They have also not said what led them to think that these people were involved in Sherry’s disappearance.

In May 2008, police got a tip that a body was buried in the backyard of a house on Carroll Street in Birmingham. They sent cadaver dogs and digging tools to the house to look for the body. There was no sign of Sherry.

In May 2010, police got a tip that led them to send cadaver dogs to search the backyard of a house in Wenonah, Alabama, but they couldn’t find any sign of Sherry.


Sherry Milton’s whereabouts and circumstances surrounding her disappearance are unclear. Her status as an endangered missing person is unresolved.


Sherry Milton

White girl who celebrated her 5th birthday on May 5th, 1979. Sherry is 5’6″, has brown eyes, weighs 138 pounds, and has brown hair.

Due to an old fracture, Sherry’s nose is a little wonky, and her top right front incisor and teeth are misaligned. In addition to the black mole on her top lip and the little black scar on her nose, she also has a two-inch scar on the left side of her breast.

Clothing & Accessories:
Sherry was last seen wearing a multi-colored v-neck shirt with horizontal stripes, tan capri pants and flip flops. She had a blue and white curved barbell in her navel piercing, and two gold hoop earrings.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sherry Milton please contact the Birmingham Police Department at (205) 254-7777 or toll free at (800) 324-0326.

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