Scott Moody

Scott Moody was expected to graduate from Riverside High School on May 29, 2005. Unfortunately, he would not be able to attend his graduation. Authorities arrived at the Moody residence after receiving a 911 call to find Scott, his mother Sheri Shafer, 37, Megan Karus, 19, and Paige Harshbarger, 14, all dead. Scott’s sister, Stacy Moody, was also discovered near death by authorities. She had been shot and was the only survivor.

Scott Moody

Authorities discovered the bodies of Scott’s grandparents, Sharyl Shafer, 66, and Gary Shafer, 67, down the road. The Logan County Sheriff’s Office closed the case within a few hours. They determined that Scott had murdered his entire family as well as two of his buddies. The decision was taken before ever consulting with Stacy, who was still comatose in the hospital.

When Stacy awoke, attorney Rob St. Clair, who represented Scott’s father, arrived at the hospital to see her. She had no idea Scott, her mother, or her grandfather had died. The attending physician questioned her who shot her. St. Clair and the doctor were expecting her to name her brother. Stacy would astound them by claiming she had met an elderly gray-haired man wearing a blue shirt. He shot her, she claimed, not her brother.

Scott Moody

Although Stacy swore her brother wasn’t the gunman, the sheriff’s office claimed she was “delusional” and didn’t believe her. They told her that Scott was the killer. She stated that the assailant was not her brother. During his inquiry, St. Clair spoke with numerous other witnesses who observed the same gray-haired man around Scott’s grandparents’ home before they were murdered. According to one witness, the man was carrying a weapon. Another eyewitness even recognized the man.

So, why would the sheriff’s office ignore Stacy’s remarks and shut the case without ever meeting with her? It was then revealed that lead detective Jon Stout had a sexual relationship with 15-year-old Stacy Moody and knew the grey hair man identified by Stacy.

After realizing that Stout was having sex with Stacy, the Moodys would press charges with the state. Stout was eventually discharged from the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

She said Scott was innocent and she knew the identity of the real shooter.

Who was the killer?

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