Samantha Kibalo

Missing Since: February 3, 2001, Missing From: Suffern, New York

Missing For: 21year, Age: two year, Age now: 23, Race: White

Sex: Female, Height: 2’9, Weight: 22 pounds, Classification: Family abduction

Background of Samantha Kibalo

On January 1, 1999, Ann Yermak Kibalo and Michael Kibalo welcomed a daughter into the world. Samantha was born, and Ann soon after filed for divorce. After this, whenever the two of them were together, she would start to accuse Michael of mistreating their daughter. Authorities investigated these claims and found that none of them were true.

By the time Samantha was 11 months old, Ann had taken her to seven doctors 33 times, but none of them had identified any health issues. A psychiatrist eventually admitted in court that he believed Ann had Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, a rare mental disorder in which a caregiver purposefully makes a patient appear ill in order to gain attention. He believed that Michael should have custody of Samantha and Ann should only be allowed to visit under strict supervision.

Samantha kibalo
Age Progressed

Samantha Kibalo’s Case

On February 3, 2001, Samantha Kibalo was last seen in Suffern, New York. She was taken during a court-ordered overnight visit by her mother Ann. Her mother might have been abusing her before she disappeared, and it is thought that she is in danger.

The two were initially driving a 1996 Suzuki Sidekick Sport, a four-door black vehicle with a gold bumper and New York licence plates. However, two months after Samantha was kidnapped, it was discovered in a parking garage in Brooklyn, New York. Vodka, a 12-pound miniature red Tibetan Spaniel or Tibetan Terrier, may have been travelling with them.

A kidnapping warrant was issued to Ann by the FBI on January 15, 2005. She was wanted on additional warrants for charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and interference with a person’s custody.

Ann and Samantha could still be in New York City. They could be in Palm Beach County or Boynton Beach, Florida, Illinois, or New Hampshire. The couple was spotted in New Mexico in 2006. While unconfirmed, these are regarded as credible. Witnesses observed a quiet, withdrawn girl and noted that her mother did not interact with her frequently.

Now residing in New Jersey, Michael is still actively looking for his daughter. He thinks Ann is using several aliases to transport Samantha around the US while she is still alive. Since he has been unable to locate any proof that Samantha was enrolled in school, he speculates that she may be homeschooled. He also believes Ann’s mother, who has previously refinanced her daughter’s home multiple times, may be helping them. Michael’s theories, though, have not been proven.

Characteristics of Samantha Kibalo

  • Brown eyes.
  • Light brown hair.
  • Even though Samantha is frequently taken to hospitals, she doesn’t actually have any health issues.
  • She may use the surnames Yermak, Saul or Kaplan.

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