Samantha Humphrey

The body of Samantha Humphrey, missing since November 25, was found in a river by a fisherman.

The body of a missing teen in the US was found tied to a shopping cart in a river 13 weeks after she went missing. Samantha Humphrey, who is 14 years old, was last seen on November 25 at 11:45 p.m. near a park in upstate New York.

On Wednesday afternoon, a fisherman on a pier in the city of Schenectady saw the body in the Mohawk River and called the police.

Then, on Thursday, members of Samantha’s family told the local news that it was her body.

The girl’s body was tied up in a shopping cart, and her head was seen floating under an old railroad bridge.

A dead body was pulled from the Mohawk River in Schenectady, New York
Samantha was found near Riverside Park, where she met with her ex-boyfriend

Officials expect autopsy results to be made public on Monday at the earliest.

“Obviously she didn’t tie herself up in a shopping cart and sink herself,” a family member told WNYT.

They added that the family “was prepared for this day”, and said “it is almost certainly a homicide”.

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