Ryan Singleton

Ryan Singleton, a model from Atlanta who was 24 years old, went to Los Angeles for what was supposed to be a weekend trip in July 2013. He would disappear and then die under mysterious conditions.

Ryan rented a car in Los Angeles and drove all the way to Las Vegas. The rental car broke down in Death Valley on the way back. Afterward he began walking. The California Highway Patrol found him and took him to a gas station in Baker, California. Ryan waited for a friend to pick him up at a gas station. But when Ryan’s friend came to get him, he was gone.

How Did Ryan Singleton Die?

Ryan Singleton, a  aspiring  model and movie producer from Atlanta, was determined to go to Hollywood with his best friends to find fame and money. Together, they wanted to be the “Black Entourage,” but in 2013, Ryan went missing and has never been seen alive again. For a weekend trip, he rented a car and drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. But when he was trying to get back, his car broke down in Death Valley. Ryan was then found by the California Highway Patrol. He was picked up and taken to a gas station in Baker, California, where he was dropped off safe and sound. A friend of his left Los Angeles to pick him up, but Ryan was nowhere to be found when the friend got to Baker.

As soon as Ryan got back to the city, his friend told the police that he was missing, and a thorough search began. But only 74 days later, his body was found in the Mojave Desert in California, about two miles from the gas station. Ryan’s body was dumped and had been cut up. His liver, kidneys, eyes, ribs, and heart were all missing. There was, of course, an autopsy, but the report wasn’t very clear. Due to “advanced decomposition,” the cause of his death was not known. And it was decided that he died the same way. The report also said that Ryan’s head was “missing flesh down to the bone on the right side due to animal activity.” This was also said to be the reason why his organs had been taken away.

Who Killed Ryan Singleton?

Ryan Singleton

In reality, nobody knows. Iris Flowers, Ryan’s mother, has been trying to find out what happened to her son ever since his body was found. Even though she has done a lot of research, there have been no clear leads, and no one has ever been charged with his death. Over time, people have asked if the career path Ryan chose and who and what he talked to while he was in Las Vegas and in the patrol car on the way to Baker had anything to do with his death. But so far, nothing has seemed strange enough. The only thing that isn’t clear is what happened to Ryan after he got to the Baker AM/PM gas station. And if that question can be answered, maybe Ryan’s death can be explained.

Before he went missing and died, Ryan was doing well in his job. At age 21, he moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to New York City to try to make it big, and things were going well for him. He had a few odd jobs before landing a spot on the runway during New York’s Fashion Week. Shortly after that, he set his sights on Hollywood. Ryan and some of his friends put his things in a truck and moved to Los Angeles in the west. Together, they kept track of their trip so that it could be turned into a documentary series called “Are We Famous Yet?” But later, Ryan left California and moved back to New York, where he married Kythe Brewster, a celebrity stylist who was twice his age. His mother didn’t even know about the wedding.

ryan singleton

After four months, they broke up, and Ryan moved back home with Iris. She remembers that he was very ominous at the time, saying things like, “Something bad is going to happen to me, isn’t it?” and “I’ve done a lot of things to hurt a lot of people.” When she asked Ryan if he owed someone money, he said no. When she tried to find out more, he changed the subject, so Iris never found out what her son was talking about. Two days later, Ryan went to Los Angeles without warning, and she never saw him again. Strangely, though, he called her the day he disappeared and asked her to send him $100. Then, Ryan’s husband, with whom she had broken up, called Iris. He told her that her son had called him and seemed to be drunk. He even said that Ryan’s life could be in danger.

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