A Russian father who allegedly murdered a friend after discovering video footage of the man molesting his eight-year-old daughter has been released from custody amidst calls not to prosecute him for murder.

Vyacheslav M, a 34-year-old factory worker, was drinking with his 32-year-old friend, Oleg Sviridov, when he allegedly viewed a video of his daughter being abused on Sviridov’s smartphone.

Vyacheslav immediately confronted Sviridov, who fled, but the distraught father eventually tracked him down and stabbed him to death.

The murderer has been released from prison and placed under house arrest for two months pending the outcome of an investigation.

Typically, suspects of murder would not be released, but there has been an outpouring of support for the father, including from prominent journalists on Russia’s tightly controlled broadcast news.

The body of alleged paedophile Oleg Sviridov, 32, was found near Vintai village in Russia’s Samara region after the father of a child he abused stabbed him to death.

According to law enforcement, Sviridov’s phone contained additional footage of him abusing children in the village of Vintai in the Samara region of southwestern Russia.

It has since been reported that one of his alleged victims was his ex-live-in partner’s daughter.

A friend told the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, “The woman had a daughter from her first marriage.”

Now we know that he was abusing the child.

The ex-lover did not know anything about it, according to Sviridov’s friend of more than 15 years.

She stated, “She is a very good, caring mother.” “I can imagine how she feels now that the truth has been revealed…

In the village, he was frequently observed with the girls, the daughter of his partner and Vyacheslav’s elder daughter. Nobody ever considered what he was doing with children.

Police discovered Sviridov’s body on Thursday, more than a week after Vyacheslav had viewed the abusive video.

Vyacheslav reported the rapes to the local police, who launched a manhunt for Sviridov. However, the father was able to locate the alleged child abuser before the police.

Vyacheslav later told police that Sviridov’stumbled upon the knife during a quarrel’ in a forest near the village, claiming that he had not murdered him on purpose.

According to police sources, the deceased man’s cellphone contained other sickening videos depicting violent rapes of six- to eleven-year-old village girls.

Before Vyacheslav discovered the footage on his phone, the suspect had been abusing children for five years, according to the videos.

Villagers in Vintai and online commentators have both demanded that Vyacheslav not be charged with murder.

Local resident: “He is not a murderer because he protected his daughter and our children as well.”

Everyone is supporting him.

Ksenia Sobchak, a prominent TV journalist and former Russian presidential candidate, told her followers, ‘All parents are standing up for the paedophile’s murderer.’

Another commenter, Anna Plekhanova, stated, “Is the girl’s father wrong if the crime is proven by video evidence?

Any normal parent, mother or father, would have immediately dismantled such a pedophile.

Parents have the direct responsibility to safeguard their children.

Yulia Salinder added, ‘It’s fortunate that he killed the scumbag because under our law, he would have served no more than eight years before being released.’

Vladimir Novikov stated, “It is essential to implement the death penalty for paedophiles, or else we will witness the lynching of non-humans.”

Svetlana Katargina stated, “The father is understandable.”

Such wild creatures do not belong in this world, and paedophilia is incurable.

The perpetrators are released from prison and begin to rape children again.

According to Sviridov’s mother, her son frequently babysat for Vyacheslav’s children, and the two men were longtime friends.

‘I don’t know how it got to this,’ she said, referring to the rape of Vyacheslav’s daughter.

‘He must have been drunk. Most likely he was drunk. They left their children with him all the time.

‘When he baby-sat these girls he came back home as normal, in a good mood.’

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