Robbin Doan

On September 30, 2005, 10-year-old Robin Doan made a chilling call to 911, telling the operator: “There was a shootout in my house. And I don’t know who’s dead. And I’m scared half to death.”

Complete Heartbreaking Story

A psychotic AK-47 gunman broke into her house and killed her family ‘for fun,’ and the teen describes how she played dead for two hours.

In September of 2005, Robin Doan, then 10 years old, awoke to the terrified screams of her mother after Levi King broke into the family’s Pampa, Texas home while carrying an AK-47.
After putting four bullets into her stepfather, 31-year-old Brian Conrad, he fatally shot him.
Then, he fired five shots, killing Michell Conrad, 35, and her unborn daughter.
Then King came and killed Robin’s older brother, Zach, 14.

The sounds of her mother’s screams and gunshots woke Robin Doan as she lay in bed in the family’s Texas Panhandle farmhouse. Not long after, she witnessed a sudden, brilliant flash.

Someone had shot an AK-47 at her bed, but the bullet had missed.

She told a 911 operator on September 30, 2005 that she had been “pretending” to be dead. I am a youngster of ten years of age and I am at a loss. Ugh, I’m so nervous.

Even though she managed to escape Levi King’s murderous rampage by playing dead for two hours, Robin will never forget what he did to her and her family as he leisurely strolled through her house.

In an interview with the Associated Press in 2009, Robin’s aunt Christy Powell said, “Robin lives every day with thoughts of her mother’s screams in her head.”

Robin recounts how she heard her mother scream, hid under her bed, and then heard gunshots and the sound of footsteps in the hall.

She said she felt something whiz by her body, so she climbed back into bed and hid under the covers. She then heard gunshots and a groan as the person walked down the hall toward her brother Zach’s room.

There was an intruder in the house, and according to Robin, she heard him go into the kitchen and start rattling around. She claimed that even after the noise subsided and she deemed it safe to emerge, she remained silent and motionless for some time. She grabbed a cordless phone, skipped the bedrooms, and dialled 911 from the front porch.

In between sobs, Robin told the dispatcher, “I so hope my mom is not dead.” To have or seek out one’s mother is an overwhelming desire. In other words, “I need to talk to my mom.”

After a few hours, when Robin was confident that the intruder had left, she snatched the family’s cordless phone and hurried to her stepfather’s pickup. There was a chill in the air that morning, and Robin was worried.

She reportedly told the operator, “I think I’m the only one alive.”

Robin’s 911 calls reveal the terror she endured during King’s two-day killing spree in September 2005, which began in Missouri and ended in Texas.

King was found guilty of murdering Robin’s father, Orlie McCool, 70, and his wife, Dawn McCool, 47, in rural Pineville, Missouri, and sentenced to life in prison in 2009.

The pickup owned by Orlie McCool was driven by King from Missouri to the Conrads’ house in Texas.

That same evening, El Paso, Texas border patrol officers apprehended King as he attempted to cross back into the United States from Mexico.

He said doctors had told him he was psychotic and that he suffered from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia.

Prosecutor Lynn Switzer told the court that Robin and her family “had no idea what was fixing to happen to them” when he was on trial.

King, she said, entered through the back door while armed with an AK-47 and made his way straight to the master bedroom. Switzer said that after shooting Brian Conrad three times and killing the family dog, Molly, he turned to Michell Conrad, who was screaming.

“The defendant put five rounds into her body, cutting short her screams,” Switzer said. “Can you even fathom what it would be like to be jolted awake like that?”

Once King had finished shooting in Robin’s room, he walked three rooms over to shoot in Zach’s.

Robbin Doan

Father Johnny Doan testified that his daughter had called him and said, “Daddy, Daddy, they’re all in the house and they’ve all been shot.” Robin and Zach were both shot.

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