Richard Guerrero

Richard Guerrero

Richard Guerrero was a young man who went missing in 1988.He was assassinated, and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was charged. Guerrero’s remains are not likely to be discovered because it is thought that Dahmer dismembered and destroyed them.

Steve Tuomi, Eddie Smith, David Thomas, and Smith are the other three victims of Dahmer whose bodies have not yet been found.

Missing Since: 03/24/1988, Missing From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Classification: Endangered Missing,

Sex: Male, Age:21 years old, Height and Weight: 5’6, 120 pounds, Race: Hispanic

Distinguishing Characteristics: Hispanic male. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Circumstances of Disappearance

On March 24, 1988, Guerrero was last seen leaving the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of his family. He was supposed to be at a friend’s house, but he never showed up. At the time of his disappearance, he had just $3 in cash and no identification.

The serial killer Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer is thought to have met Guerrero sometime that evening, and the two of them then travelled back to Dahmer’s home in West Allis, Wisconsin. With this case summary is a picture of Dahmer. Guerrero might have agreed to take pictures for Dahmer that night in order to make some extra cash.

In Wisconsin in 1991, Dahmer was apprehended for a number of killings of young men. Guerrero was one of his victims, he claimed to the authorities. Investigators think Dahmer destroyed his remains. Steven Tuomi, Edward Smith, and David Thomas are three more men who have gone missing and are thought to be Dahmer victims.

Due to the murder of Guerrero and other deaths in the early 1990s, Dahmer was given a life sentence. In 1994, a prison inmate murdered him there.

Investigating Agency

Milwaukee Police Department 414-935-7223

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