A Florida mother of two veteran in Iraq and told her family she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend has mysteriously disappeared.

Rachel Schwartz, who is 33 years old, was last seen on January 31 at 5 p.m. leaving her ex-boyfriend John Scorah’s house in Waimauma, Hillsborough County, with her luggage. She then went to a centre for veterans in trouble.

Schwartz was leaving the house when a man in the background yelled, “Rachel, I have everything you need, I want you to stay one more day!” This was captured by the Ring camera.

Scorah was arrested for battery in April 2022. Schwarts moved to Minnesota last year to get away from him. 

In the end, the charges were dropped.

Scwartz was in Florida with her two children, who she has with a different man, when she went missing.

Rachel Schwartz

Elizabeth Schrupp, Schwartz’s sister, said that on February 4, she was supposed to fly home to Minnesota.

“Her last message to my dad was that she wanted to come home but was afraid of her ex.” “Both her phone and her social media accounts went silent on the same day,” Schrupp wrote on Facebook.

Schwartz stopped by Scorah’s house for no clear reason, but her brother-in-law told Fox News that her last words to her father were that she was afraid of her ex.

Schrupp said that since her sister went missing, police have talked to her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Schrupp wrote that police had gone to her ex-house boyfriend’s to make sure he was taking care of her. The first time, there was no answer, and the second time, she had been missing for almost a week.

Schwartz was active on social media while she was in Florida. She posted a few photos while she was there. Her last post, before she disappeared for no apparent reason, was a picture of her eating while posing for the camera.

A few weeks earlier, she posted a picture of herself wandering around the Sunshine State with the caption, “I love finding open fields in FL.” It’s rare these days, and one day there may not be peace on earth.’

Schwartz went through a PTSD Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program before she moved to Minnesota in late October, according to her Facebook page.

She had written before that people with PTSD who have struggled like she had should try written exposure therapy. ‘And it doesn’t end here. This is just the start!’

Schwartz is said to be five feet two inches tall and have blue eyes and blonde hair.

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