Madeleine McCann

The woman who claimed to be Madeleine McCann will undergo a new DNA test after the first revealed she was not the missing toddler.

Julia Wendell’s initial claims that she was Madeleine were debunked after a DNA test revealed that her ancestry was mostly Polish and that she could not be the youngster who went missing on a family vacation to Portugal in 2007.

“I want to do this because I just want to do this and I don’t even have to explain why but I think everyone knows why I want to do this,” she wrote on Instagram. I will notify you once the results are available.

Julia claimed she has “support” from law enforcement and officials, and that she has requested documents from Dr Fia Johansson, the private investigator/celebrity psychic who had power of attorney over her in America.

Madeleine McCann

After claiming to be Madeleine, Julia caused a global uproar. Before it was deleted, her original Instagram account, iammadeleinemccan, had more than a million followers.

She claimed to have few childhood memories and supported them by demonstrating an eye defect resembling the one Madeleine was known to have.

She insisted: “I have to say I never said I am Madeleine,” in recent posts. I’ve always asserted that I think I might be Madeleine.

After receiving threats against her life in Poland, Dr. Johansson, a celebrity medium and private investigator, brought her to California. She co-hosted the American talk show Dr. Phil with the 21-year-old and was given power of attorney over her.

Julia returned to Poland after the DNA test revealed she was not Madeleine. She claimed that Dr. Fia Johansson was “trying to scare” her and that she is no longer certain that the “medium” ever truly wanted to assist.

“When I met Fia for the first time, I thought she wanted to help me,” she remarked. “Now I know she only wants new customers and followers.”

In her most recent video, she added that she believed Dr. Johansson began to make untrue accusations against her out of resentment over Julia’s decision to return to Poland, which jeopardized her chances of working with production companies on Julia’s story.

According to Dr. Johansson, Julia is likely shaken by the realization that she is not Madeleine.

Aged three, Madeleine disappeared in 2007 while on a family vacation in Portugal.

To continue the investigation, Scotland Yard police will receive an additional £300,000.

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