Madeleine McCann

Since the British child Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal in 2007, there have been a number of people who thought they were Madeleine McCann as an adult. Julia Wendell is one of those people.

The Polish woman, who is 21 years old, has asked for a DNA test to find out where she came from so she can find out if she is Madeleine McCann. She has already sent a message to the couple she thinks are her parents.

Wendell told Radar Online, “I want to say something to Kate McCann. I heard a song you sang to your daughter Madeleine.”

“When I hear your voice in movies or interviews, I feel like I know this voice, your voice.

“I think I could really be Madeleine.”

Pleas ignored by authorities

Wendell says he has tried to get in touch with Interpol and local police three times and has been turned down each time.

Wendell insisted, “If I’m not Madeleine McCann, I know I can reopen this case.”

“In 2022, I tried to talk to many people in power.

“I talked to the Polish embassy, the Portuguese embassy, the English embassy, the Metropolitan Police with Operation Grange, Interpol, the Polish police, and the Portuguese police, but no one listened to me.

“I want McCann’s family to know… I want to say that I really think I could be your daughter Madeleine, but if I’m not, I’m more than 100 percent sure that the person who abused me is involved because I recognise his picture on the website”

McCanns have not responded

Kate and Gerry McCann have not responded to Wendell‘s claims, and have not recognized her as their potential daughter.

Wendell is now awaiting the results of her DNA test in the hope that they will help to give clues to the mystery.

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