Madeleine McCann

A body language specialist claims that the young Polish woman claiming to be missing British girl Madeleine McCann shown “annoyance” towards her family.

Julia Wendell has consistently claimed she is Madeleine, the young British child who went missing in Portugal during a family holiday in 2007.

Dr Fia Johansson, a private investigator and medium who is assisting the Polish national in discovering her true identity, has kept the globe updated on progress via Instagram.

Julia went on Monday (March 27) on the US talk show Dr Phil to share her narrative and give “proof” for her case.

Madeleine McCann

But body language expert Adrianne Carter told the Daily Star that Julia seemed “annoyed” at her family back home during that appearance.

First, when asked about her birth mother, Julia’s “shrug” showed that she “didn’t believe or trust what we just heard or said.”

“When asked if her mother gave birth to her, Julia gave a single shoulder shrug. When we don’t believe or trust what we just heard or said, we give a one-sided shoulder shrug “Ms. Carter told us.

“Julia doesn’t believe her mother gave birth to her in this situation of the one-sided shoulder shrug.”

Ms. Carter also said that Julia seemed “irritated” that her family in Poland doesn’t believe her when she says she is Madeleine.

“At the end of the statement, when Julia hears that she isn’t Madeleine, she tightens her lips.

“Pulling your lips together is a sign of being annoyed,” she said. “It bothers her that her family says she’s not Madeleine.”

Ms. Carter said that Julia was acting like she was “stressed or afraid.”

Dr. Phil read a statement from Julia’s parents, and the young woman swallowed, which Ms. Carter said was a sign that she was uncomfortable.

“We can see Julia swallow when she hears what her parents say. When we are worried or scared, we swallow without thinking about it “she told the Star Daily.

“In this context, Julia could be feeling stressed or fearful in case any evidence comes to light that proves she isn’t Madeleine.”

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