Madeleine McCann

The Polish woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann was sexually molested by a man who had a strong resemblance to the man wanted in connection with the disappearance of the British girl.

During an interview with, Julia Faustyna, age 21, remembered peculiar childhood recollections, including lavish vacations to exotic locales by guys she did not know.

After she was sexually molested at the age of seven, the woman said she was forced to drink 35 prescription pills, nearly putting her into a coma and landing her in the hospital.

The 21-year-old recalled staying in opulent beachfront hotels identical to those in the Portuguese resort town of Praia da Luz, where McCann was kidnapped in 2007 while on holiday with her parents.

In addition, she remembers paragliding with a man while wearing only a T-shirt and panties.

She stated that a strange man once gave her a blue belly dancing outfit from a market.

A third dreadful memory involves her hiding in a bathroom stall with another young Polish girl, terrified of the dangers outside.

“We yelled and wailed, panicked, and refused to leave the bathroom,” she recalled.

According to the outlet, Faustyna, also known online as Julia Wendell, suffered a mysterious skull fracture as a result of the abuse, which partially erased her childhood memories of repeated abuse and alleged sex trafficking.

According to over 500 pages of medical records her caretaker and private investigator Dr. Fia Johansson obtained from a Polish hospital, the girl’s bizarre injury rendered her incapable of speaking or walking for over a year.

Johansson is currently attempting to determine how Faustyna was injured and who transported her to the hospital for treatment.

Madeleine McCann

“It demonstrates that some of them, all of them, or at least one of them wanted to get rid of her,” Johansson said of Faustyna’s childhood caregivers. “Or complicate her life to the point where she cannot walk, speak, or communicate in any way. It appears that they attempted to do it on purpose.”

She added, “She does not remember any of it.”

Faustyna gained online traction after posting on Instagram that she believes she may be the missing British citizen, citing physical similarities between herself and McCann.

She most recently appeared on Dr. Phil to double down on her claims after her parents accused her of “lies and manipulation.”

Faustyna is currently awaiting ancestry and DNA results to confirm her true identity.

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