Police confirm body found is Kansas City teen who is missing for over a month

Police have confirmed that a body found in Gladstone on Friday is that of a missing Kansas City teen who had been missing for more than a month.

Jayden Robker, 13, was last seen on February 2 in Kansas City near Northwest Plaza Drive and Northwest Plaza Avenue.

His family reported to the police that the teen was traveling to a nearby QuikTrip gas station on his skateboard.

Robker’s case has a $5,000 reward from the FBI and a $2,000 reward from the Kansas City Crime Commission.

Officers spent hours on Friday in the vicinity of Northwest Englewood and North Broadway, about a mile from the location of the 13-year-old’s last known whereabouts.

I kept reminding my brother that I needed to look through those ponds. Jayden’s aunt Susan Deedon told FOX4 on Friday, “I just didn’t know there was another pond over there, or I would have gone and looked. “Even if he fled, he had a good reason,” she said.

Police said they had discovered some remains that day, and Robker’s family told FOX4 the remains matched the teen’s description.

According to Gladstone police, preliminary autopsy results show no obvious signs of wrongdoing. Police in Gladstone and Kansas City are still looking.

“This is not the result we really wanted. The answers we were hoping to find weren’t these ones, Jayden’s uncle Derek Robker said to FOX4 on Friday.

“He had a lot more life to live, to graduate, go to college, get married and have kids. That won’t ever happen with Jayden now,” his grandmother, Kitty Robker, said. “It’s hurting very bad, and I know the community and everyone who helped us, they’re crying, too.”

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