You’ve just gotten into freelance writing, and you want to find an online platform that makes it easy to find gigs. You’ve heard of PeoplePerHour and are looking for people’s opinions on it – is it good for beginners? Here’s what other writers have said about this site!

PeoplePerHour Pros

People Per Hour has built its reputation by providing a space where freelance talent of all levels and experience can connect with potential clients. Freelancers on People Per Hour get access to work through easy-to-navigate listings that break projects down into manageable tasks so anyone can bid. This is an amazing opportunity for beginners looking to make their way in the world of freelancing without having to worry about landing specific types of jobs – there’s something for everyone here. With millions of dollars in work distributed annually, there’s little doubt that People Per Hour is your one-stop shop for all things freelancing!

PeoplePerHour Cons

One major con of using People Per Hour is that some assignments are priced higher than your standard rates. For example, if you get a project and the bid is $100, but the freelancer has a special rate of $60, then you will end up paying $100 for what would cost $60. It’s also confusing when two companies have different prices – in this case, the company with the cheaper price gets awarded the project automatically.

Another potential con is that not every country is covered on this site – meaning you could be more limited with where you live and where you want to find projects from. For example, if your residence isn’t found on People Per Hour, then many new opportunities may not be accessible to you.

What to Consider Before Going Live on PPH

Before going live on People Per Hour, you should consider what service you’re trying to offer and how much time you’ll have to dedicate to providing your services. If you have a day job or other commitments, the time commitment could quickly exceed your availability and the lack of availability can lead to problems with project management.

Before entering into any long-term agreements, ensure that your services are in demand by getting feedback from a small sample of clients and see if they’re willing to go forward before investing a large amount of money into inventory or training courses. You might also want to evaluate whether PPH is the best venue for your business because an additional fee is involved when making payments through their website.

How to Earn Your First Dollar on PPH

One of the first questions beginners ask when they’re just starting to freelance is how to earn their first dollar. Here are a few tips that can help you make that happen faster than you think.

Set up your accounts! On People Per Hour, this means putting in your bank account details as well as any others that could be relevant, like Paypal. It’s important to note that PPH doesn’t take any percentage of your earnings, meaning you keep 100% of what you earn.

That’s right, freelancing doesn’t need to mean poverty! Freelancing is a way for people who are interested in working remotely or wanting more flexibility to get more hours. You can use PPH or other sites like Fiverr (where people provide services at $5 each) as an outlet for making some extra cash with skills that might otherwise go unused or underused.

The Final Word

People Per Hour offers many people the opportunity to pursue freelancing. The benefits are excellent and there is a wide variety of opportunities available, especially if you’re a beginner. If you have some cash on hand and the time and energy to dedicate to the job, this could be an excellent choice. You can start by filling out an application with your information, education, work experience and skills set. And you will be rewarded with assignments based on your qualifications as they come in.

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