Athena Brownfield

Authorities initially reported Athena missing on Tuesday after a postal carrier found her 5-year-old sister wandering around alone.

Special Agents from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) arrested Alysia Adams, 30, on Thursday for two counts of child maltreatment in connection with the disappearance of 4-year-old Athena Brownfield on Tuesday.

OSBI announced Adams’s arrest on Thursday afternoon, when he was lodged into the Grady County Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff’s office reports that Athena and her sister were in the care of Adams and her husband at the time of her abduction.

“The quest continues for Athena. The OSBI investigates each and every tip received, which originates from Oklahoma and other states. In an endeavour to discover information on Athena’s whereabouts, the Cyril garbage collection service was searched “Thursday’s OSBI press release stated. In addition, analysts are examining security footage from the area surrounding Cyril and searching for further clues that could help locate Athena.

Athena was reported missing by authorities on Tuesday afternoon when her 5-year-old sister was discovered strolling alone on Nebraska Avenue in Cyril about 2:00 p.m.

At that point, law enforcement noticed Athena was missing, according to OSBI public relations officer Brook Arbeitman in a Facebook-posted press conference on Wednesday.

Athena Brownfield
Pic: FoxNews

A Caddo County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Thursday told FOX 25 Oklahoma City, however, that the girl may have disappeared as early as Jan. 6.

According to a press statement issued on Wednesday, the agency is urging members of the public “with a residence or business in Cyril that has a video doorbell camera” to travel to Family Life Church in Cyril, where a command post has been created, and contact law enforcement.

Anyone with information about Athena’s whereabouts is asked to contact OSBI at 405-879-2591 or local police.

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