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When a father heard his 5-year-old daughter crying from behind a barn, he ran to see what was going on. To his horror, he found a man molesting his daughter. The father pulled the man off of his daughter and started hitting him with his bare hands until he died.

In June 2012, a man in Texas killed the man who had raped his daughter. This case of a murder that was justified is a good example of how Lonestar law works.

Texas Father
File photo from June 16 showing a building near Shiner, Texas, where authorities say a father beat to death with his fists a man molesting his 5-year-old daughter on June 9.

On June 9, 2012, the adults were shoeing a horse on a ranch near Shiner, Texas, while a little girl and her brother went to feed the chickens. Jesus Mora Flores, who was 47 years old, grabbed the 5-year-old girl and took her to a shack in the middle of nowhere. The girl’s brother ran to tell their dad what was going on. The 23-year-old father, whose name was not given by the police, ran toward his daughter’s screams. When the father ran into the shack, he saw Flores and his daughter without their underwear on. In a fit of rage, the girl’s father pulled Flores off of her and started beating the paedophile with his fists. He hit the paedophile in the head and neck and killed him with his bare hands.

People in Texas say that the father is a calm person, and he even called an ambulance for Flores. When the father called 9-1-1, he told the dispatcher that he had beaten up the man he found raping his daughter.

Police and emergency crews had a hard time finding the ranch in the middle of nowhere, so the father told the dispatcher, “Come on! I’m going to die because of this guy! I have no idea what to do!” When help arrived, Flores was dead and his pants and underwear were wrapped around his ankles.

A hospital was taken to get the little girl. At the time of the attack, the sheriff said that she was going to be fine, “other than the obvious mental trauma.” The police say that the father’s story is supported by forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts.

Reports say that Flores was a farmhand who “came to the ranch with a family friend” or “was hired to help care for some of the family’s horses.” Flores had a green card and was living in Gonzales, Texas. In order to find his family, investigators worked with the Mexican Consulate.

Sheriff Micah Harmon did not press charges against the father and sent the case to a grand jury. “You can defend your daughter,” the sheriff told the man. Later, the Lavaca County grand jury decided that the death was justified and did not charge the father. In the state of Texas, the law says that you can use deadly force to stop a sexual assault or an attack that is worse than a sexual assault. Many people in Lavaca County said they agreed with the father and that Flores deserved to be killed. The name of the father has not been made public to protect his privacy.

A decade has passed since this young father took swift action against the person who hurt his daughter. Now, some radical political groups, academics, and publishers are trying to normalize paedophilia in American society by calling paedophiles things like “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs). This look back at a case of justice in Texas is an important reminder of our duty to protect children and a warning to all paedophiles that they will be killed if they hurt children.

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