A 34-year-old single mother of twin daughters from Conyers in Georgia’s Rockdale County named Jarmecca Yvonne “Nikki” Whitehead was fatally beaten and stabbed in January 2010. On January 14, she was found dead in a pool of blood in the bathroom of her home after being viciously beaten and repeatedly stabbed.


Known to her loved ones as Nikki Whitehead, Jarmecca Yvonne “Nikki” Whitehead was a free-spirited single mother from Conyers, Georgia. After a challenging childhood, her grandmother Della Frazier raised her. At the age of 17, she got pregnant, and Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead, who are identical twin daughters, were born in 1993.

Nikki Whitehead

Petrina Sims was the owner of the Simply Unique salon in Decatur, where Nikki Whitehead worked. Since the year 2000, she had been dating Robert Head. According to officials, Nikki and her daughters had been living with Frazier in Clarkston for a while before she made the decision to move them to her boyfriend’s home in Conyers.

After the move, Nikki’s daughters started to struggle in school, and their grades started to fall. During their teenage years, the Girl Scout twins who were once good students and role models started to rebel against their mother.

The twins

Nikki’s relationship with her twin daughters was unhealthy and unstable. Nikki Whitehead frequently got into verbal and physical fights and arguments with her twin daughters. After the twins and Nikki Whitehead got into a fight in 2008 that resulted in Nikki being scratched and dragged across the floor, a juvenile court judge ordered the twins back to Frazier’s house.

She was forced to give her grandmother custody of the twins as a result. On January 5, 2010, she did, however, regain custody of her children. The twins reportedly did not enjoy living with their mother because they felt stifled by her strict guidelines and methods of correction.

The Tragic End of Jarmecca Yvonne “Nikki” Whitehead

Nikki Whitehead died on January 13, 2010, as a result of the violent family conflict that had been simmering for years between her and her twin children.

Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead

When Tasmiyah and her sister were running late for school that morning, they ran into their mother in the kitchen, Tasmiyah recalled. Tasmiyah took the pot away from their mother after hitting Jasmiyah with it, which prompted Nikki to reach for a steak knife.

This is how the argument began that terrible morning. There was insulting language, cursing, gouging, and scratching, which infuriated everyone. During the altercation, Nikki received cuts and stab wounds. After all the biting, punching, screaming, and stabbing, the twins pulled their dying mother into the bathtub. She finally gave up while in the bathtub.

Nikki Whitehead sustained serious wounds to her lungs, jugular, and the back of her neck, where her spinal cord was severed, according to the prosecution. She was repeatedly stabbed, they claim.

Later, as Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead were leaving for school, they stopped a Rockdale County sheriff’s deputy who was passing by their home and informed him that they had just found their mother dead, the prosecution claims.

When Tasmiyah heard her sister Jasmiyah scream, she ran outside and discovered their mother lying in a pool of blood, she told the police. They were initially thought of as witnesses or victims who had entered the house after returning from school to find their mother lying in a pool of blood.

Arrest of The Twins

Many people began to suspect her daughters soon after Nikki’s murder because of their history of arguments. The twin girls were ultimately taken into custody on May 21st, 2010, after being connected to their mother’s demise. In the beginning, they pleaded innocent.

But in 2014, they both acknowledged intentionally killing their mother. Tasmiyah did so in January 2014, and Jasmiyah did so in February 2014. A 30-year prison term was given to each of the twins. Tasmiyah is currently detained at Arrendale State Prison, whereas Jasmiyah is being held in custody at Pulaski State Prison.

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