Nieko Lisi

When Nieko Lisi disappeared in Addison, New York, on September 30, 2011, he was eighteen years old. At 2:00 p.m., he and a companion, Robert Nicholas Neil Knight III, made a stop at the residence of Lisi’s uncle and announced their intention to travel to Buffalo, New York, where they might go camping.

They were travelling in a grey 2004 GMC Canyon pickup truck. When Knights’ grandfather was questioned later, it turned out that he had never possessed a vehicle like that, and it was discovered that the truck had been stolen from Addison, New York.

Knight arrived at his parents’ house in Romulus, Michigan, early on October 1. It appears that their initial target was Buffalo, but this is not close to it. No one saw Lisi, despite the fact that he said she had dropped him off there.

Lisi called his family later that day but wasn’t able to talk long and said he would call back later, but he never did.

nieko lisi

On that day, he might have been seen in Buffalo, New York’s opposite way, in the Franklin/Nashville region of Tennessee. At 4:08 p.m., his phone received its final signal from a Franklin cell tower located at or close to a home on Flintlock Drive.

Lisi did have connections to the region because, before relocating to New York in 2010, he spent a brief period of time living with family in Franklin and attending Franklin High School’s eleventh grade. Knight was not connected to the region.

When Lisi’s mother opened her mail on October 3, she discovered that someone had delivered her son’s driver’s licence. About fifteen minutes from Lisi’s house, in Hornell, New York, someone had spotted it on a roadway and mailed it back. After obtaining the license, his mother, who was already apprehensive because she hadn’t heard from her son in a few days, became much more frightened. Around that time, Lisi’s Facebook page had been abruptly deleted.

On October 5, Lisi’s family reported him missing, and on October 8, Knight was questioned by Michigan police. The police made the decision to transport him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation while he was being questioned. Why this was done is unknown.


The following day, Knight was discharged from the hospital. He was discovered dead from a drug overdose at his parents’ house on October 10 at 8:00 p.m. It is unknown from the authorities whether they believe Lisi’s disappearance and Knight’s death were connected.

After Lisi vanished, the pickup truck he was riding in was unable to be discovered. Authorities discovered it in July 2016, four and a half years after Lisi vanished, completely bare and confined inside a garage in a private residence in Franklin, Tennessee. It is uncertain if Lisi was acquainted with the homeowner or what their justification for this was.

When asked if he knew anything at this point, Knights’ brother admitted that he and his deceased brother had taken down Lisi’s Facebook page from their home.

Although it appears that Lisi fled the area after stealing the truck and was trying to evade capture, his mother is adamant that he would have been in touch with them by this point because they were too close to just stop communicating.

The fact that Knight died just a few days after being questioned by police strikes me as an incredibly strange coincidence, and I wonder whether he knew something he couldn’t live with.

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