A special education teacher is under investigation in The Bronx and Staten Island on allegations that she had a long-term sexual relationship with a 16-year-old pupil with mental illness.

Sandy Carazas-Pinez, 33, a former NYC biology teacher who is married with three children, allegedly had at least a dozen sexual encounters with the adolescent in her car and sent him hundreds of indecent texts, according to the boy’s mother and records obtained by The Post.

Investigators from the police and district attorney compiled reams of texts written between the teacher and the student, who attended the Biondi School in Yonkers at the cost of the city’s Department of Education. It is administered by the non-profit organization Rising Ground, which fired the teacher this month.

“I know it won’t be easy for me, I will miss your kisses, cuddles, and everything,” Casarez-Pinez allegedly wrote this year in a text message regarding whether she and the boy should “stop it.”

In January, she allegedly responded angrily to texts from the teen seeking for a response, telling him: “During the entire summer, you have ignored me, and the only time you’ve reached out to me is when you wanted to tell me about your crush on other teachers. I am not an emotionless piece of trash.”

contacted through phone Casarez-Pinez denied having intercourse with the student on Friday: “I had no idea there were claims,” she claimed, adding that she had not been approached by authorities. “He would express his affection for me, and I would respond in kind.”

She stated that he once rode in her car since “he requested a trip because it was snowing that day.”

When asked about the naked images sent to the boy via text message, she stated, “He had the passcode to my phone.”

In an earlier call, after questioning a reporter about the charges, Casarez-husband Pinez’s addressed her angrily: “You promised me you quit, Sandy,” he said. “You are finished, Sandy, if this is true. You’re done, so pack your things and leave.”

Her husband informed a Post reporter on Saturday that he had kicked her out, and that she was currently staying with her parents in Staten Island.

In other texts examined by police, the teacher reportedly wrote, “I do miss your touch and kisses, no lie.” I sound like a pervert.”

According to the mother, her son informed detectives that the two “fondled” each other in class.
Texts reveal that Casarez-Pinez also asked the student to lie to cover her traces.

The Post also received a recording of a phone conversation in which the boy questioned Casarez-Pinez why she was “taken out” of school: “Did they observe us engaging in sexual activity, or did they see me entering the car? They did not witness us engaging in sexual activity, so what is the problem? However, we hid from the cameras, right?”

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She responded, “They claim we were too near… It was comparable to us being in a relationship. Because that is contrary to everything. First, because you are a minor, and second, because I am your teacher.”

The adolescent has both schizophrenia and a mental problem, according to his mother.

Rising Ground said in a statement, “We are saddened, horrified, and appalled by the behavior of a former instructor who compromised the school’s ideals by engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a kid.”

The boy’s mother, whose name is withheld to protect her son’s privacy, is furious that the instructor has not been arrested more than two weeks after the teen gave a lengthy interview to NYPD special-victim investigators on Staten Island on March 7.

“If my son were not an African-American boy and the genders were reversed, the instructor would be in handcuffs right now,” she claimed.

She quoted one officer as crassly joking, “Where were those teachers when I was in high school?”

“It’s the rape of a child with a mental illness,” she said. “As a society, we have to prioritize the safety of children who are mentally ill and boys who are sexually assaulted.”

Before joining the Biondi School, Casarez-Pinez taught at PS/MS 007 in Harlem, and PS/IS 218 in The Bronx. DOE officials had no comment.

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