Serenity Dennard

Serenity Dennard, a nine-year-old girl, vanished from a residential facility for kids near Rockerville, South Dakota, on February 3, 2019. Serenity was having fun in the facility’s gym when she fled, using a different child as a decoy. The faculty member chose to stay behind and make an emergency call rather than chasing Serenity because she was unable to leave the other kids.

Serenity Dennard

Serenity was only wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt, jeans, and snow boots because the temperature was below freezing. After she disappeared, there were few leads because of the severe cold and deep snow. Mountain lions live in the densely forested, rocky area surrounding the center.

After spending two years in and out of foster homes due to her biological parents’ incarceration, Serenity was adopted in 2014. Before residing at the Black Hills Children’s Home, her parents claim she “had planned escapes by packing a suitcase and leaving in the middle of the night” numerous times.

Numerous Facebook groups that discuss the case have emerged over time. Lynn DiSanto, a former state lawmaker, started supporting these organizations frequently and frequently questioned the search and rescue techniques, timelines, and motives of many of the key players. DiSanto created a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for the reward and a website and Facebook page with commentary, videos, and other content related to the case. This sparked an argument online, which resulted in a no-trespassing order against the ex-lawmaker.

Serenity Dennard

Cadaver dogs picked up a scent on May 1st, but they were unable to locate Serenity.

Following the disappearance, the Children’s Home Society has come under intense public scrutiny. At the end of April, it was announced that the head of the Children’s Home Society would retire by the end of the year.

What happened? Did someone pick her up in an improbable random crime? Did anyone make plans to meet up with Serenity? She got lost and froze, perhaps?

Dennard is described as white, 4 feet 7 inches tall, 90 pounds, with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that falls to his shoulders.

Anyone who has seen Dennard or has information about his whereabouts is asked to call the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office at 605-394-6115.

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