Maggie and Paul Murdaugh are still buried in temporary graves nearly two years after they were brutally murdered outside their home’s dog kennels.

Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son are buried together in South Carolina’s Hampton Cemetery, just a half-hour drive from the Colleton County Courthouse, where he is currently being tried for their double murder.

A cemetery employee informed a Post photographer that the headstones for Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, are still delayed, but didn’t specify what that meant.

Photos show the graves surrounded by fake flowers and dead leaves.

The mother and son were discovered deceased on the family’s Islandton, South Carolina estate in June 2021.

A worker at Hampton Cemetery in South Carolina said the official tombstones are delayed.

The prosecution asserts that Alex Murdaugh murdered his cherished family members to divert attention from his escalating financial crimes, portraying him as a ruthless and drug-dependent criminal.

Murdaugh, who discovered two dead bodies and contacted 911, maintains his innocence. He testified this month that he did not murder his wife and son, despite making mistakes, lying, and having a drug problem.

It’s unclear why the tombstones of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh are delayed.

He also stands accused of 99 separate financial crimes, for which he will be tried at a later date

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