Mudhouse Mansion

Mudhouse Mansion is a scary true ghost story about a haunted mansion near Lancaster, Ohio. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a family who died there under mysterious circumstances years ago.

Mudhouse Mansion is a haunted house near Lancaster, Ohio. The mansion was erected in the early 1800s by a government official who lived there after the Civil War, according to Lancaster residents. Even though it was unlawful, the guy continued to keep slaves in Mudhouse Mansion. This man appears to have broken the law by keeping his slaves tied up in an outbuilding at night.

He mistreated his slaves, and conditions were so awful that one slave began digging a tunnel through the outbuilding’s wall. He dug a little every night after the slaveowner and his family had gone to bed and the lights had gone out in the mansion. When his tunnel was finished, he squeezed himself through the little aperture and emerged on the opposite side of the wall.

He crept approaching the mansion late at night, slipped the lock on the back entrance, tiptoed up the stairs, and murdered everyone within. Locals learned what had happened the next morning, but all of the slaves had escaped and no one was ever charged with the crime.

The house sat unoccupied for years after that, and neighbors reported weird groans and shrieks emanating from within. Everyone said the slaveowner’s and his family’s ghosts haunted it. Nobody dared to explore the foreboding-looking structure.

According to local legend, a man purchased the house in 1892 and moved in with his wife and three children. Neighbors observed the family unloading their possessions off trucks and transporting them into the house.

Then… nothing. They were never seen by their neighbors again. The family did not leave the house. Neighbors felt it was strange that a family of five spent so much time indoors. When one neighbor glanced out her bedroom window, all she saw was a woman dressed entirely in white standing at the second floor window. The figure was standing there, staring at her, doing nothing.

The figure was standing in the same posture when the neighbor looked again the next day. The figure was always present whenever the neighbor gazed towards Mudhouse Mansion. Standing in the exact same stance.

On the tenth day, she called the police and requested an investigation. A horrible sight met police officers when they stormed into the mansion and climbed the stairs to the second story.

All five members of the family were lifeless and dangling from the ceiling. All of them were clothed in white nightgowns. They appeared to have committed suicide. The figure spotted by the neighbor was the family’s mother. And she hadn’t just been standing there, she’d been hanging there for ten days.

Nobody lived in the house after that, and it has remained vacant to this day. People continue to visit the old mansion, but the new owner will not allow anyone to enter. She is terrified that if someone goes in, they will not survive.

Local kids refer to it as “Mary’s House,” and they tell each other that the legendary Bloody Mary grew up there. Residents claim that on cold winter evenings, they may sometimes see the figure of a woman dressed entirely in white standing immobile at the second floor window.

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