Angela Pollina

Angela Pollina isn’t just a “bitch” — she’s a “pure evil” child killer.

In a swift one-day decision, a Long Island jury on Friday rejected the defense’s argument that “we don’t convict people because they’re bitches,” finding the stepmom-from-hell responsible for the tortured death of her ex-fiance’s 8-year-old autistic son.

Thomas Valva died of hypothermia in January 2020, and Pollina, 45, was found guilty of second-degree murder and endangering a child after she admitted to forcing the boy to spend the night in their Center Moriches home’s freezing garage.

The shocking verdict put an end to a tearjerking two-week trial where the monster stepmom’s own testimony revealed shockingly cruel behavior that left some jurors inconsolable and others shaking their heads in disbelief.

I mistreated them. I mistreated them. They are now in the garage. It was awful. I did, indeed. Pollina admitted to the jury that she exiled Thomas and his older brother, Anthony, by putting them in the subzero temperatures.

Michael Valva’s ex, Angela Pollina, was found guilty of murder in the tragic 2020 death of Valva’s 8-year-old autistic son.

Jurors gasped as Pollina surprisingly admitted she was “comfortable” the morning the boy died from frostbite and that the weather was only “a little chilly.”

Prosecutors claim that Thomas’s body temperature dropped to just under 76 degrees at the time of his death. He also had no body fat, sunken hips, alopecia, a chronic kidney infection from holding in his urine, a head injury, and a kidney infection.

The verdict was praised by Suffolk County DA Raymond Tierney, who said: “The cruelty that Thomas and his brother had to endure because of this defendant’s callous and selfish conduct is abhorrent.

She treated these kids in a way that was nothing short of evil. Just as she made these boys live in captivity in a chilly garage, this defendant will now suffer the results of her actions and go to jail.

During the trial, Pollina’s attorneys attempted to place the blame for Thomas’ horrifying death on her then-fiance, Michael Valva, a former NYPD officer who was found guilty of his son’s murder last year.

But on the stand, Pollina confessed she deleted incriminating footage from the family’s Nest camera in an effort to protect her then-beau.

The evil stepmom was also said to have “vicious outbursts,” according to Tina Licari, Pollina’s daughter’s former piano teacher, who also admitted that she and Valva had made fun of Thomas’ autism.

Licari recalled Pollina once yelling at the 8-year-old boy, “That’s right because you can’t talk.

In his closing remarks, Pollina’s defense attorney Matthew Tuohy rejected the notion that the boy’s death was directly caused by Pollina’s heartless actions.

She had a bad reputation in the past, but not on that particular day. She desired to confine the boys to the garage. He reasoned that she stood up and admitted she was wrong.

He then said to the stunned courtroom, “We don’t convict people because they’re bitches.

Kerriann Kelly, an assistant district attorney, was not amused by Pollina’s stern justifications.

He was dragged outside into the cold by Pollina. Kelly argued that Thomas was tortured and killed as punishment for his sin of having autism.

“[Thomas] was not allowed in the house, not allowed to use a bathroom. That was all because of this defendant.”

During their deliberations, the jury requested to hear former Suffolk County Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Caplan’s testimony about Thomas’ autopsy, which revealed that the child had died from multi-organ failure brought on by Stage 4 hypothermia.

The meaning of the term “depraved indifference” was another topic of discussion among the jury members.

Some jurors described their response to the horrifying details revealed in the case after the verdict was announced.

One juror told The Post, “There was no doubt in my mind,” adding, “Her words, her tone, the texts, the videos—there was no other way to find her.”

Another person chimed in, “There was a dead eight-year-old boy… I immediately thought, “That fits her,” after learning what the charges are.

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